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The 95bFM Bombathon

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The life of an independent broadcaster has always had its financial challenges, but recent times have become harder still. The problem, as always, cash.

Our core clients are smaller, independent companies. When things get tough for them, we feel it too.

In 2015 we brought back a fundraising drive we ran in the late 80s - Bombathon. Crowdfunding may have become mainstream since then, but we were still nervous, thankfully those nerves were unfounded.

We aimed for $45,000, and got closer to $55,000 - but more than that received comments that reinforced the fact that our mission has value. It felt like we had renewed our vows with our audience.

bFM’s 46-year-long mission - to be the innovator, leader and indicator of contemporary music and lifestyles - is more important now than ever.

Why? Because even the mainstream is being watered down further still. All over the industry well-established and well-funded media companies are attempting mergers and making moves that would have been considered unthinkable even five years ago.

If independence, authenticity, and creativity are to truly have a place in Auckland’s broadcasting future, then we need to bring the Bombathon back for good. It’s not a magic bullet - but it gives us some breathing room while we continue to adapt to meet our updated goal; to nourish a community of independent thinkers to help shape a more interested and interesting Tamaki Makaurau.

Help us contribute to a world where clickbait hasn’t taken the place of journalism. An independent Auckland radio station asked the community to help secure its future, you won’t believe what happened next...

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Campus Radio bFM Limited is registered with Charities Services and has Donee Status for IRD Purposes. The sole shareholder of bFM is the AUSA Media Trust which in turn is owned by the Auckland University Students Association Inc.

“Enjoying the show”
“Thank god for BFM. Without you life would suck , badly.”
“Live long greatest radio station in the world. More strength to yer collective arm!”
“Thank you Saturday!”
“Hi Soong! :-) I still can't live without the b... Cheers & liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart xx”
“Go bFM. Thanks for so many years of great listening!”
“Keep it up - legends.”
“Love you guys. I've been listening to BFM for over 30 years. The best bloody radio station in the world! Thank you for all the music and shows over the years. Let's Keep BFM going”
“Go the b!”
“Thanks Carnival in Rio!”
  • $22,208.30 donated
  • 338 generous donors

$22,208 donated



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