Ana-Carolina is going home !!!

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After 5 long years, we are taking Ana Carolina home !!!!!


Some of you will already know parts of our story…….Ana-Carolina will be 6 years old in May. She was admitted to hospital when she was 6 months old, and has lived there all of her life ……..until now !!!!!!! but we desperately need your help.

Our beautiful Ana-Carolina is the light of our life. She is a bright little girl with a paralysed body and she requires a ventilator to breathe. In the early days it was not believed she would live, but she is a battler, and has shown slow signs of recovery, communicating with blinks and technology that recognizes movement of her eyes.

We have become Ana-Carolina’s full time carers, giving up our jobs and living off savings without Government support for the past five years. This has meant we are now having to sell our family home as we have used all of our equity and are facing foreclosure.

Finally, our time in PICU is nearing an end, as we have been offered a home to rent. We are currently planning for Ana-Carolina’s transition from PICU to happen in May, however we have no remaining resources to afford the rent and minor modifications to the home so that Ana-Carolina can live there.

We would be very grateful for your help in achieving our goal of $50 000 to help us return to a stable home life instead of doing shifts at the hospital so as Peter can return to work, we can get our life as a family on track, and most importantly of all we can give Ana-Carolina a life outside of hospital.

Ways to help:

1. Donations for the modifications needed for the house and living costs :

The house is lacking in some necessary features that Ana-Carolina will need to keep her healthy and safe, given her vulnerability as a child who is reliant on a ventilator to breathe 24 hours a day. Government funding will not provide for these as this will not be Ana-Carolina’s permanent home. The owners of the house are not in a position to fund these changes either. The house is used as a holiday home for disabled people and has always been offered at rates to ensure the house has been affordable which leaves little room for additional features to be installed. Without these necessary pieces of equipment and features as listed below, Ana-Carolina will not be able to live safely at in the house, and at this stage there are no alternative solutions for her to be able to leave PICU.

We would be immensely grateful if you were able to offer your support by way of your donation, expertise or product to make Ana-Carolina’s move to the house a reality. The idea being that once we leave this house for our own home, the changes that have been for Ana-Carolina will also be enjoyed and benefit other disabled people who holiday at the house.

Items we are needing for Ana-Carolina:

• Replacement of the carpet in the bedroom for Ana-Carolina with vinyl/similar.

• Air Conditioner/Heat Pump in the bedroom for Ana-Carolina.

• Insect screens on the windows

• Thermal blackout curtains.

• A sink in the bedroom for Ana-Carolina.

• Replacement carpet in the lounge and other bedrooms.

• Dimmable lighting.

• Generator/battery

• Additional garden shed for storage

Thank you for your consideration,

Peter, Elane and Ana-Carolina 😊

About us

Long Term Ventilated Children-The purpose of the Trust will be to support children (dependent on ventilated breathing support 24 hours a day) and their families with integration back into the community and ongoing support.

Use of funds

Ana-Carolina needs a modified van to get around, a lift in the house and other house modifications and ongoing costs like special food and supplements from the USA.

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Happy 6th Birthday  21 April 2019

Happy 6th Birthday to our beloved Ana-Carolina !!!!🎉👸🏻🎉🎈🎂🎀🎈💗

We are so happy to be able to celebrate this very special day today despite Carolina is still being living in the hospital since she was 5 months old (due so many delays in the process) we just hope that we can achieve our discharge date this time without any further delays. Ana-Carolina must go home 🏡 as soon as possible! there is a full world outside the hospital doors waiting for her 🌎there are so many wonderful people waiting to welcome you at home Ana-Carolina!!!

Thank you everyone for all your support and kindness help Ana-Carolina to achieve her most essential dream to living at home with her family💗🎉👸🏻🏡👨‍👩‍👧🎂🎈🎉💗with much love Ana-Carolina & Family xxx❤️

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Guest Donor on 03 Sep 2019
Best wishes to you all
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So great you are at home.
Shelley on 07 Aug 2019
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Best wishes for your future at home with your daughter.

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