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Skills Training Area at Vogelmorn Bike Track

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Help us turn the Vogelmorn Bike track into a next level community facility by funding the addition of a skills training area & pump track!

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We have recently raised funds to lay an asphalt cycling track around Vogelmorn Park in Brooklyn. The track is scheduled to be completed by early March. This community initiative has been organised by parents from Ridgway and Brooklyn schools and members of the Kaka Project, in conjunction with Ridgway School.

We now want to enhance this community facility by adding a cycling skills training area and a pump track, which is why we need your help!

Skills Track: A skills track takes the rider over a series of obstacles (e.g. see-saw, balance beam, slalom). It is often the most challenging track as it requires the rider to concentrate and ride very slowly. It is particularly good for improving hand-eye coordination.

Pump track: This is very similar to a small BMX track. The track is made mainly from dirt. The children do not pedal but actually “pump” their bikes up and down the slopes to get around the track. It is similar to the movement used to operate a child’s swing. This track is usually the most popular with children as for many it is the most fun.

Our aim is to create a fantastic resource that can be used by the whole community. We see this project as especially important due to the challenging terrain in and around Brooklyn. The bike track, skills area and pump track will provide a safe and accessible environment for children to have fun and develop their skills.

Please help us to make this idea for a fantastic community facility into a reality!

The funds raised will be managed by the Ridgway School Board of Trustees. Funds will firstly go towards building a cycling skills training area at Vogelmorn Park. If we reach our goal we will also be able to build a pump track. If we exceed our target we will use the funds towards maintenance of the facilities over the next few years.

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Members of the community have been working with Ridgway School to implement the Bikes In Schools programme in early 2018. Our objective is to enable as many children as possible in our wider Brooklyn community to ride a bike on a regular basis in a safe and fun environment. Vogelmorn Bike Track will provide a fantastic biking facility that can be used in and out of school hours by all children in our community.

  • $3,737.50 donated
  • 42 generous donors

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