Can't ingest food: rare gut condition impacting ability to eat anything

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Costs for ingesting anything organic, food, pills with tableting aids, & drinks (except water) because of a severe superbug gut infection

Christchurch, Canterbury

My lovely brother can't eat at all without a costly method. He can only eat with unfunded strongly fermented drinks to subdue gut superbugs. By Dec he ran out of financial options. It is diagnosed as a 'Severe Functional GI Disorder' evolving from 'SIBO' triggered by antibiotic-induced bacterial mutation, life-threatening. The symptoms can be severe. Please read on, donate & spread the word.

Continued management in this way is advised by his specialist to be "as long as possible", especially for the safety & efficacy of future medication use. The bacteria have developed resistance to previous antibiotics, increasing the risk of further mutation. Hoping for the best, I set the goal for over a year's costs. Cost details:

The monthly cost for the drink's culture, fermentation ingredients, & nutrients/supplements is roughly $1075. This doesn't count electricity costs for warming up the oven for fermenting jars many times daily. Govt disability maximum is $70/week, he got $40, covering only his prescriptions, medical alarm, & GP.

Your donations, spreading the word, & sharing our page are vital for my family.

His diet is limited to 3 items of food. He was hospitalized from Nov-Jan 22/23, & his lower legs & feet were paralyzed. They improve slowly only as his condition does.

(The main pic is from his time in the ICU, not recently. The pics below are of my brother me, & the fermenting. GiveALittle thoroughly confirmed things including from medical records).

Use of funds

Your support covers essential probiotic cultures (Body Ecology & The Kefir Company), daily fermentation necessities (milk & coco water), & vital supplements (key vitamins & minerals depleted by his condition).

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