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Covid-19 finds Kiwi John Wallis stranded in the Philippines.

Cause page created in the New Zealanders category by P.W. (Paul) Streekstra for "John Wallis (and his sons)"

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John is stranded in the Philippines, in dire straits and on the point of starvation. He is unable to get aid from their government or ours.

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Hi everybody my name is John Wallis and I'm a Kiwi currently living in The Philippines. It was suggested to me by a close friend in NZ that I should start a Give A Little page because my current circumstances are quite dire. Currently The Philippines is experiencing a Covid Crisis that is not lessening quite the opposite it is nowhere near under control unlike NZ. I am currently unable to work because most industry and businesses are closed because of Covid. Anyway pre-Covid I had only intermittent work as a labourer in the construction industry and troubleshooter for the nearby internet cafes computers so always borderline on financial crisis. As construction has ceased for the last 3 months and all Internet Cafes are closed I find myself in an impossible situation. I have exhausted any finances I had and sold all possessions except essential items. I have come to a deadend. I have 2 young sons here and that is why I have not returned home earlier as being separated from them would be heartbreaking. However it has become plainly obvious that return home I must so I can find work in NZ so as to at least support my sons financially even if I cannot see them. I am not elegible for any of the meagre govt assistance here that is offered to the Filipino citizens and the govt in NZ has refused to help while I am here. My youngest son is autistic and has other health problems that cause him to be regularly hospitalised. Even though there is a health insurance for my boys it only covers around 15 to 20% of the costs. My goal with the Give A Little page is to survive until flights return and I can get home. I would love to leave a little money here for my sons to tide them over until I can find work at home. Whatever generosity the people in NZ can give will be so gratefully received. There is no clear indication as yet when flights will resume or what the new fare schedule will be. I fear that if Social Distancing is in place on the aeroplanes the fares will be very expensive. I just have to sit and wait, try to survive until things become clear again (how long is a piece of string). Thanks for taking the time to read my page and if you feel inclined to give something well God bless you. The bank account is my sister's Deidre Sterling nee Wallis.

P.W. (Paul) Streekstra's involvement (page creator)

I am a long-time friend of the beneficiary.

Use of funds

To get John safely home to NZ. To help support his Filipino sons.

Latest update

The Covid death rate in the Philippines is increasing, and John literally fears for his life.  15 September 2020

Posted by: P.W. (Paul) Streekstra

Thanks to your donations, John has been able to eat again, so heartfelt thanks to those who have helped make that possible. However, since our last update a month ago, the Philippines has suffered another 2,000-odd deaths from Covid-19, taking the total to in excess of 4,600. In other words, the death rate is increasing, and John now literally fears for his life. Another 1 to 2 thousand dollars though, and we'll have enough for John to get home to NZ, and be SAFE. Please please help. Thank you!

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Latest donations

Daryl on 15 Sep 2020
David on 17 Aug 2020
Deidre Sterling

Thanks so much David <3

Deidre Sterling
Noeline on 26 Jul 2020
Deidre Sterling

Thanks for this Noeline. I'm sure Johnny appreciates it. Much Aroha <3

Deidre Sterling
Sheryl on 24 Jul 2020
Deidre Sterling

Thanks so much Sheryl. Will pass on the Aroha to John. X

Deidre Sterling
David on 23 Jul 2020
Deidre Sterling

Thanks so much David. :) <3

Deidre Sterling

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Created by P.W. (Paul) Streekstra
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Paying to a verified bank account of Deidre Sterling on behalf of John Wallis (and his sons)

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