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Give Vinna Life Saving Surgery

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7 year old Fena Peter, from Tanna Vanuatu, has not walked in two years and is in urgent need of life saving surgery to her right leg!

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Vinna (Fena) is a little girl, stranded through circumstances and poverty in a small village on a tiny island in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean.

Her leg is broken – the bone fractured in two places - with absolutely no chance of healing while she lives thousands of miles from the high tech medical care she needs. Her chance of surviving both the fracture and the infection that has now become chronic in her broken bones, is slim. (see photos in Gallery)

We met Vinna by chance while visiting Vanuatu to build a cyclone shelter in a nearby village. It was hard to believe that this lovely 8 year old girl had survived for nearly two years since the break & subsequent infection took root in her leg.

But Vinna is a fighter – she is still alive after two years with no definitive treatment, unable to walk or attend school. Her parents have done their best – they have used all the traditional medicine that they can, dressing her wounds with banana leaves and clean rags, making cuts in her flesh to let the pus out. She still smiles after we dressed her wounds, lifting her arms to be carried back to the hut she calls home.

The medical system in Vanuatu cannot support a case as severe as this; in order to save her life she must be medically evacuated to NZ for treatment and care.

The good news is that there are organisations willing to help. Marine Reach, Family Care Center and Fruit of the Pacific are working in partnership to get Vinna the care she needs. Now, we just need you to join us!

You've heard the story of the little boy and the starfish. On a beach filled with thousands of starfish stranded by a very low tide, he kept on picking up dying starfish and throwing them back into the water. When an adult laughed at him and said “You can’t possibly save them all!” the little boy just picked up another one and gently tossed it back into the sea. “Saved that one,” he said.

Please be that little boy for Vinna – pausing long enough to “Make a difference” in just one life. We will keep you updated on her progress.

She will be in NZ for awhile having treatment and rehabilitation – who knows – you might get to meet her and experience her beautiful smile for yourself.

The funds raised will be used to support Fena's costs of travel and medical care. Initially, they will go to passport processing, medical visa applications, flights and insurance for Fena and her primary care giver, her mother Karina.

No admin fees will be deducted by Fruit of the Pacific nor any other organisation associated with this cause (except for the 5% admin fee givealittle charge for this service).

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Fruit of the Pacific have partnered with Marine Reach & their Vanuatu Family Care Center to support Fena's case with NZ fundraising and logistics.

  • $6,945.10 donated
  • 84 generous donors

$6,945 donated

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