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Fixing Flynn’s Heart - We need to say Goodbye xxx - Please see our latest Update.

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Please support Flynn’s Mum and Dad while the amazing nurses and cardiologists at Starship Hospital try to fix Flynn’s heart xxx

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Flynn is the most adorable wee boy with the cheekiest smile ever. He was born in Christchurch in July this year. His mum, Larissa (25) and Dad, Matt (22) think he’s just perfect. Flynn is now 4 months old and is Matt and Lari’s first child and their whole world.

Flynn was the happiest, chattiest wee monster who smiled at the world until about a month ago when he lost his sparkle and smiles. His Mum and Dad took him to the Doctor and After Hours clinics many times to try and find out where his sparkle had gone and why he wasn’t getting any better. He’d had the sniffles and a cough that he couldn’t shake.

On Monday November 27th he went back to the Doctor who said Flynn needed to go to Hospital. That night they flew Flynn to Starship Hospital in Auckland as his wee heart wasn’t working properly.

He’s got a long road ahead of him now and his Mum and Dad are going to be in Auckland for the foreseeable future while the amazing nurses and cardiologists try and fix his wee heart.

Matt and Larissa have bought their first home and need some support to pay their mortgage and bills so they are able to stay in Auckland as a family with Flynn and fix his heart with their love. They are an amazing young couple who are building a beautiful wee family.

Any money that is not used to support this lovely family will be split 50/50 and donated to Starship Hospital and Ronald McDonald House. We are truly blessed to have these services.

Use of Funds:

Mortgage payments

Household bills

Extra expenses while at Starship (Food/Taxis etc)

Flights back to Christchurch when needed.

Page created by:

Ellie Cherry


I am Flynn’s grandmother and he is currently very unwell at Starship Hospital.

All funds raised benefit:

Flynn Terry

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Mr MA Terry and Miss LL Gardner on behalf of Flynn Terry .

  • $8,976.28 donated
  • 145 generous donors

$8,976 donated

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