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Tonka the rottie needs 2 new knees!

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Our beautiful Rottweiler needs cruciate ligament surgery on both knees and the pet insurance we've been paying for 5 years won't help us!

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We are devastated! Tonka is our best mate and is the most gentle loving dog. We don't want to see him in pain and want him to have the best life possible, but unfortunately even with pet insurance and with a baby due any day now we cant afford nearly $9,000 worth of surgery for him. And this is why we need your help!

Tonka is our beautiful Rottweiler and just before his 5th birthday he tore the cruciate ligament in his right knee whilst playing with my husband, James. Having been a Rottweiler we knew he could potentially have issues with his legs as he got older so as soon as we got him we did the responsible thing and signed him up for pet insurance. $70/month for the past 5 years and cover for $6000 worth of surgery we thought this would be sufficient. However, that is not the case. After sending him to a specialist at the request of his vet, we found out that he would require Cruciate Ligament Surgery and not just his damaged knee but his other knee as well. At approximately $4500/knee we were extremely grateful for signing up for pet insurance! That is not the case though. PetnSur's surgery cover does not cover cruciate surgery and will only pay out $700 towards this type of surgery.

On top of this, my husband and I are expecting our first child in December and despite doing everything we thought was right we have now been left in this awful situation where we are needing to call on the generosity of strangers to help our dog get the best life he can.

Use of funds

Any money raised will go towards paying for Cruciate Ligament Surgery on both knees for our dog, Tonka. Any surplus will go towards the Rottweiler Rescue and Rehoming NZ charity.

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About time for an update!  15 December 2019

Apologies for the lack of updates, but on Tuesday our baby girl was born! So we've been rather busy settling into life with a newborn :)

As for Tonka, a few people have suggested we try Vet Associates in Takanini so I rang them last Monday for a second opinion on Tonkas situation. They thought having both knees done was a bad idea and that we should focus on the affected knee before committing the other knee to surgery. Unfortunately, the cost is still at around $4000 however, this price will include x-rays and a proper diagnosis before surgery is undertaken. The vet I spoke to was amazing and very thorough with his explanations.

We have committed to taking Tonka up to Takanini as soon as we can in January so all the help we can get from now on is massively appreciated!

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$2,100 of $8,000 goal

Given by 44 generous donors in 7 weeks

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