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Need life to give to my children

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I would like to ask you to help raise funds to get me much needed treatment overseas to prolong my life.

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Special Travel Treatment Cancer

In April 2000 i was diagnosed with a 6.5 cm brain tumor which was removed immediately catching meningitis i remained there for 10 weeks then i was diagnosed with a rare disease call Von Hippel Lindau disease/syndrome (VHL) causing me to have a further 2 brain surgeries as well as kidney and eye surgery as well.

The terrible part of all of this is that the medical profession has failed me as this tumor was first seen back in 2002 now that they have looked back but i was only told in 2015 i had a 4 cm (now 5 cm) inoperable tumor that has metastasized to the liver which has now tripled in size over the last year.

Use of funds:

First off i need $50,000 to receive treatment which is available in Melbourne to help stop and shrink tumors and prolong my life.

Secondly i'd really like to pay my mortgage off which is $108,000 so my children have a home to call there own when i'm gone and last of all i'd love to take my kids on a holiday to create some last memories and spend valuable time with them before i get to sick $5,000- $10.000.

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Kent Allan


I'm sad i will not get to see my grand children or my kids weddings and walk them down the isle on there special day i also don't feel i have finished teaching them life's lessons getting them ready for there life ahead. My son Seth and daughter Shawna are beautiful loving caring well mannered kids who tell me they love me many times a day near making me cry and sometimes do. I love them with all my heart and want to leave them with security and memories of there dad.

Please give a little to help our fight and flight toward a happy life for my two lovelies and prolong my life so i can get as much time as i can with the ones i love. Kent

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Kent Allan.
“All the best”
“Wishing you the best”
“A little from me to help you fight the fight Kent. Stay strong, from an ex Puke High classmate.”
“We wish you wellness and longevity Kent and are sending healing vibes and hope. xxx”
“Best wishes Kent xxxx”
“I'm sorry I couldn't donate more. Best of luck to you and your family.”
“Good luck kent hope you can get enough for your teatment”
“Fingers crossed for you Kent. I really hope you get treatment so your family can make some more memories.”
“Much blessings💖👊💪with Team Jenkins on your side you got this💪💪”
“From charlie, george and myself xo”
  • $30,829.90 donated
  • 384 generous donors

$30,830 donated

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