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Liam's Ears

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$14,710 of $18,000 goal

Given by 92 generous donors in around 6 months


I want to help Liam to raise the funds for two new Cochlear Processors so he can hear to the best of his ability and remain independent.

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Liam was born with a moderate hearing loss and was fitted with hearing aids at three months old. At 12 years of age he suddenly lost the remainder of his hearing. With government funding Liam had Cochlear Implant surgery for his left ear and was fitted with a processor. Two years later his parents funded a second Cochlear Implant Surgery for his right ear. The cost of this was 75K.

Liam urgently needs updated Cochlear processor's to enable him to continue to be independent and manage at work.

Liam has one processor (which is an old model and frequently requires repair) and a loan processor (on short term loan which he needs to return) as one processor is not repairable.

The cost of two new Cochlear Processors is 16K.

This is a huge cost for anyone; but particularly tough for a young adult.

In addition, Liam regularly has to pay for programming, repairs, parts and batteries. Even small parts that regularly need replacing (such an external wire) cost around $250 each.

Camilla Widgery's involvement (page creator)

Liam is my son.

Use of funds

The funds will go toward two new Cochlear Implant Processors. Any surplus would go into an account for ongoing programming (regularly needed) and replacement parts and repairs.

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It’s happened!   16 November 2019

Posted by: Camilla Widgery

Thanks to each of the donations made Liam’s processors were ordered and a few weeks later arrived.

James and I were in Christchurch at the time so we were able to go along when

Liam when he had his first appointment with the audiologist to fit them. The processors were ‘mapped’ for Liam and switched on. The new processors sound quite different so challenging for Liam. He has an adjustment period and will then go back for further ‘mapping’. Liam is excited by what they can do. We are so very thankful for the support and care for Liam and his need. He will post a video update.

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Latest donations

  • Nigel

    Nigel on 12 Nov 2019


    Best wishes


  • Gaylene & Shane

    Gaylene & Shane on 27 Oct 2019



    • Camilla Widgery

      Thank you so very much ♥️

  • Gina

    Gina on 26 Oct 2019


    To help get you over that finishing line - I would go black with silver trim 🌞


    • Camilla Widgery

      That finishing line is in sight 😊 Thank you xx

  • Graham & Angie

    Graham & Angie on 26 Oct 2019



    • Camilla Widgery

      Thank you so much dear people xx ♥️

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 24 Oct 2019


    Hope you can enjoy swimming, surfing and dancing in the rain this summer, with your new bionics


    • Camilla Widgery

      Haha he so will ♥️ all of those things. Thank you so much 😊

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$14,710 of $18,000 goal

Given by 92 generous donors in around 6 months

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