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Our Loving Dog Diagnosed With An Enormous Growth In The Abdomen

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Raising funds for our dog Nero's sickness

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Nero has been with us for the past 11 years since I brought him home in December 2008 without telling anyone that we are going to have an 8 week white fur ball cutie to keep forever!

Over the past 11 years he has changed our lives and fulfilled our home with never ending love and happiness by his activeness and affection. More than a dog he has always been treated as our little kid who has welcomed and scored brownie points with all our family and friends, even the ones who are not so big on dogs, he always had his ways to be loved and popular.

On Monday 4th November 2019, Nero turned 11 years old and suddenly started to go downhill the very next day. He started to vomit & have frequent diarrhea. He lost considerable amount of his energy almost overnight & also stopped eating anything at all.

We were recommended to get an ultrasound scan by our regular vet to get a better picture of what was going on abdominally. Unfortunately the ultrasound scan revealed an extremely large growth in his liver which is currently compressing the functional part of it making the liver function become highly compromised.

It really breaks our hearts having to face this. Nero has been healthy throughout his years with us with yearly appointments to the vet. We did not think of the existence of “Pet Insurance” until the last two years that left us too late for his age to get a decent policy which could potentially have covered for everything. We have a policy with one company that was able to provide us with some cover but it still is not adequate for what we are currently facing.

Nero is currently at a specialist emergency care facility on fluids to stop him from further deterioration. Although he is currently responsive & able to walk around, his personality has somewhat altered possibly due to the toxicity in the blood.

We have been given some assurance by a specialist surgeon that the growth could be safely removed so the liver could regain its normal functionality.

He is going to need a CT Scan to evaluate the exact nature of the growth & plan for a surgery to remove it.

We really appreciate any help you are able to provide us with the medical attention to bring Nero back to being Nero again. He is a massive part of our life and we are willing to give and do whatever we can for him to spend as much time as possible. We love him so so very much. ❤️

Thank you for reading our story and for all your kind and amazing support!

Lots of love Samantha and Family.

Samantha Dharmapriya's involvement (page creator)

He is the love of our lives and soul past the last 11 years.

Use of funds

Specialist consultations $230

Weekend Admission, Blood Test, Fluid and Pain Relief $1600

CT Scan $3500-$3800

Possible Surgery $8-9000

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Nero's 7th Day Almsgiving... 💐🌷🌸💗🙏🏼  21 November 2019

Posted by: Samantha Dharmapriya

Blessing given to Nero at our local Buddhist Temple for Nero's 7th day death anniversary.

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Laxmi on 15 Nov 2019
Jason on 14 Nov 2019
Hi Sam, I'm sorry I didn't do this before but I know how much it will help with the vet bills etc.
Kasun on 14 Nov 2019
Rest In Peace Nero. You will be missed.
Selma on 14 Nov 2019
Bindu’s mum
Bindu’s mum on 14 Nov 2019

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