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Please help our IVF miracle IZZY ❤️

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A miracle IVF baby from a Dad who had testicular cancer, she has now been diagnosed with a brain tumour, the family is in Starship hospital.

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Hi my name is Sarah and I’m hosting this page for a girl I went to school with who’s the same age as me going through a very very difficult time with her and her little family please support with whatever you can ❤️❤️❤️ The reason I’m hosting this page is Izzy was a miracle in the first place. This family needs anyone’s support that they can get.

At age 29, karl was diagnosed with stage 4 Testicular Cancer and underwent extensive Chemotherapy and Surgery but has come out the other side. He is now 36 and has been in remission for 6 years.

September 2017, Karl and I went to the IVF Clinic with the intention of starting a family as ever since he had Cancer he was told that he automatically qualifies for a special IVF fund that has no waiting list and was fully funded, unfortunately this was not the case and our lives were shattered.

So we hopped on the public waiting list and while we waited for ivf we got married, bought a farm and renovated our house in preparation to start our family and basically got everything ready to start our family.

Jan 2019 rolled around and we got hitched, starting IVF 2 weeks later and it worked!

Izzy Lou Turnbull was born 9 nov 2019. She is the absolute joy of our lives.

I had a lot of problems towards the end of the pregnancy and further complications in childbirth.

After 2 blood transfusions and manual removal of the placenter I was unable to see izzy for the first few hrs. Izzy was rushed onto a breathing ventilation thing and onto fluids. After 4 days in SCBU the special baby unit we got sent home to start our lives.

After 3 months we noticed izzys neck was tilting to one side. After multiple visits to different doctors we finally got a referral to a specialist. By then we had notcied her arm wasn't working properly. After xrays and ultrasounds, osteo and physio they decided to an MRI but this would take several months of waiting.

In the meantime we continued with physio therapy sessions and working with Izzy to gain use of her left arm.

This has been going really well but they still wanted to do an MRI to make sure it didn't have something to do with the nerves.

This Tuesday (23/02/2021) we had the MRI. Karl and I were sitting with Izzy in recovery (as she had to be put under to have it) and just as we were getting ready to go, the pediatrician came and asked us to come with her upstairs. She asked several questions about Izzy’s condition then said that they didn't find anything to do with her arm but unfortunately they found a brain tumor in her curviacalmadallery junction. It is rare, serious, and that she was sorry.

Since then we have been in TGA hospital waiting to head up to starship tonight for another MRI to decide whether it is safe enough to do a biopsy or to go straight into chemo and radiation.

Currently as is stands, we know it is serious, we know its going to be a long road we don't know her chances of survival yet but we are just taking each moment as it comes.

If you would like to know more about Karl's Cancer, he has a blog (it has not been updated in a few years) the link below;

Sarah Kilner's involvement (page creator)

Ashleigh and I went to school together, we are the same age and I can’t imagine what she is going through. Her Mum has helped my Mum and supported her for years with her health problems while I couldn’t be there at times.

Use of funds

Ashleigh and Karl won’t be able to work while at starship with Izzy. These funds will help them pay their bills and any medical and care bills while going through this very hard time. Any surplus funds they will donate back to Starship Hospital ❤️

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Thanks for your support!   15 March 2021

Posted by: Sarah Kilner

Hi everyone thank you so much for your support so far. Ash, Karl and Izzy are so so grateful!

Anything helps so I’ve changed the goal incase anyone wants to keep supporting this strong family and little girl.

Update from Ash - 13.3.21

Got home at 9pm last night.

Test results of the biopsy so far are inconclusive. There are still tests to be done but it's looking like the biopsy was unsuccessful (we can still hope).

Next steps are special blood tests and a lumber puncture on Thursday and wait for the specialists meeting on Friday to decide what to do from here.

In the meantime we are home until Thursday morning. Izzy has been such a champ with her recovery from the biopsy and was practically climbing the walls of the hospital yesterday (so were we tbh).

So no answers yet just more questions and tests :(

Staying strong and positive for our girl xx

Photo of our post hospital trip to mcdonalds to play in the playground and eat chicken nuggets 😋🤣

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Guest Donor on 25 Mar 2021
Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed

Thank you!

Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed
Mackenzie on 25 Mar 2021
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Thank you 💜

Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed
Abby on 24 Mar 2021
Lots of love to you all x
Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed


Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed
Maddy Higgs
Maddy Higgs on 24 Mar 2021
sending my love 🤍🤍
Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed

Thank you so much ❤❤❤

Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed
Joe on 20 Mar 2021
Wishing you all the best Izzy!
Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed

Thank you !

Ashleigh Turnbull-Reed

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