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PLEASE HELP PORTIA SWAN TO BEAT BRAIN CANCER - this brave 15 yr-old Kiwi still needs your support!

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PORTIA HAS SURVIVED TWO MAJOR BRAIN SURGERIES TO FIGHT BRAIN CANCER We need your support to help fund her ongoing treatment & rehabilitation


On 30 September 2022, Portia Rose Swan (14-years) underwent brain surgery to remove a grade 3 Astrocytoma tumour.

While delighted that Portia pulled through, parents Matt & Penny and the entire Swan family were devastated to learn that 20% of the tumour remains, as it was too risky to remove at that time.

Recently, Portia’s surgeon, Dr Andrew Law, informed the family that the second operation is now urgent, as the remaining tumour is located in a very high-risk area of Portia's brain & could grow and become inoperable if left any longer.

So, Portia will undergo further surgery - an ‘Awake Craniotomy’ - on Tuesday 21 November in Auckland NZ.

The surgery will be performed while she is conscious & able to talk to her surgeons, as this reduces the risk of damaging critical areas of her brain which control speech & movement.

Portia's journey will continue to be long & tough but the Swans are facing it with strength & positivity and will do whatever it takes to give their darling Portia a bright future.

Portia celebrated her 15th birthday recently & she has shown incredible resilience & bravery beyond measure over the past year. Her courage & positivity before & after her first surgery has been even more impressive, considering all the setbacks she's faced.

We are now asking for your help, via financial support, to assist this wonderful family with the ongoing expenses which will be incurred.

***Previous Givealittle page here: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-portia-swan***

Use of funds

Rehabilitation & post operative treatment here & abroad, poss including relocation; Intro into the ZERO programme (clinical trial for brain tumour research that is currently available in Sydney or Melbourne); enabling Penny to take time off work to support Portia throughout her treatment & recovery; Overseas clinical trials, travel & accommodation

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PLEASE HELP PORTIA SWAN TO BEAT BRAIN CANCER -this brave 15-year old Kiwi still needs your support!!  19 May 2024

Posted by: Matthew Swan

Dearest Friends, Family & Wider Community

As most of you all know on November 21st last year Portia underwent an awake craniotomy to remove the remaining ACTIVE tumour that was still left behind from her last operation. Portia was one of the youngest people to undergo the operation as Andrew was confident it would suit her relaxed personality. Sadly a GRADE 3 - Astrycotoma brain tumour wants to MUTATE - that's the nature of this beast and we are taking every step we can to prevent this from aggressively wanting to grow back and as one of our oncologists defined it to us it's a bit like LIVING ON A FAULT LINE - COSTS are never ending for treatments both conventional and unconventional and drugs to keep your child alive are outrageous. This journey is a continuing moving platform in terms of the treatments that Portia undertakes and we are trying to be one step ahead of a potential mutation and wanting to make the right choice of treatments for Portia moving forward, one of the options available is a drug called IVOSIDENIB the cost for this drug is $30,000 per month so as you can see there is a lot to digest and work through. Apologies for the shrt update our text is ltd.Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank you ALL for your continual support you have shown to Portia and our family - your donations, phone calls, kind words of support have made a huge impact on Portia's fight to beat this evil disease from the bottom of our hearts we are eternally grateful.

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