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To raise funds for our amazing mum who is fighting incurable Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Her next treatment is unfunded and we need your help.

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Let us tell you a little bit about our mum, Shirley.

In 2010, Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. After six years of fighting through many treatments, infections and surgeries, we were told she was in remission. Unfortunately, less than a year later we got the upsetting news that her breast cancer had returned, and in 2017 she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Secondary Breast Cancer, for which there is no cure.

Our mum hasn't had the easiest life. She raised two daughters by herself, working multiple jobs and sacrificing everything to give us all that she could. And while she didn't have it easy, she made sure we had a wonderful childhood full of laughter, happiness and love.

Mum has played a huge role in our lives, encouraging education, independence, kindness and acceptance. To value friendship, to think of others, to help those in need, and to always stick up for the underdog.

Role models come in all forms and she is ours.

We feel so lucky to have seen Mum marry her sweetheart Gordon earlier this year. His support for our mother throughout this journey has been incredible, and it means so much to us to see her find happiness. It seems so unfair that after all she's been through, this happiness is going to get cut short.

She is our best friend, our inspiration, our support system, our go-to person and the reason we are able to deal with all that comes our way, because she has handled everything with such strength throughout her cancer journey. She is the bravest person we know.

We know there is no cure for Mum's cancer. And we have run out of options in regards to the treatment that is available to her through New Zealand's public health system. However, there is a treatment available that can improve her quality of life, and extend her life expectancy, giving us more time with her. Unfortunately, this treatment is not funded, and we need your help.

While there has been recent news coverage of some breast cancer drugs being funded, the drugs Mum needs are not one of them. While we hope these drugs may be funded soon, we don't have time to wait. Mum needs them now.

IBRANCE and FASLODEX will cost $6889 per month, for 11 months. We wish we could pay for the treatment without having to burden anyone, but unfortunately this sum is just too much for us to cover ourselves. If you could help us, we will be forever grateful to you.

Mum is more than a cancer diagnosis. She is our whole world.

All our love,

Karina and Shannon

Karina and Shannon Williams' involvement (page creator)

We are Shirley's daughters.

Use of funds

All money raised will go towards the medication and care of Mum as she fights Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Any funds left over will be donated to Sweet Louise, a charity that helps people with a Stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosis.

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Thanks for all your support!!  9 February 2020

Posted by: Karina and Shannon Williams

Recent changes by the government mean that the remaining four treatments of fulvestrant and Palbociclib (ibrance) Mum is due to get over the coming months, have been funded!! This is exciting news for us and long overdue for so many women. We have been so lucky to be able to start Mum on this treatment and that has been thanks to you and your generous support. Mum has responded well to this treatment and has had some good, stable results. While there are always good days and bad, we are so lucky to have gotten this treatment for her. She continues to be brave and fight hard and as her daughters we couldn't be more proud of her. We are so grateful to all of you who continue to follow the journey and support our family through this.

Mum wants you to know how much this means to her. From the bottom of her heart she is forever grateful to you all.

We will close this page shortly and continue to update you through Facebook, text and calls.

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$26,100 of $75,779 goal

Given by 156 generous donors in around 7 months

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