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Protect Our Unique Kaikoura Coast

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We stand for the Protection of our Unique Kaikoura Coast and to stop the destruction and disrespect being inflicted on our whenua.


Kaikōura residents, concerned at the over development of the road and rail infrastructure, have established a new group dedicated to protecting our coastal environment.

Protect Our Unique Kaikōura Coast (POU Kaikōura Coast) represents a wide range of voices from Mana Whenua, coastal residents, divers, commercial fisheries, surfers, Mangamaunu Preservation Society, Surfbreak Protection Society and other community members.

All are disturbed by what is happening up and down our coast and the ongoing mis-use of emergency earthquake legislation which is still being used as an excuse for lack of consultation.

POU Kaikōura Coast are calling for NZTA and NCTIR to put an immediate stop to further non-essential road and rail works until they have fully consulted with the community through proper RMA processes.

Issues raised by POU Kaikōura Coast include:

• Disregard for Treaty of Waitangi and lack of respect for the many wahi tapu and mahinga kai sites along the coast

• Limiting access to our beaches and kai moana is detrimental to our well being.

• Concern that limited access along the coast will cause over fishing of already delicate habitats at the designated rest areas.

• There is still no code of practice in place around sedimentation and slope stability in the marine environment which is ruining habitats and ability to develop new ones.

• The aggressive invasion of dangerous guardrails along the entire coast under false assumption of safety. They in fact cause their own safety issues as there is now nowhere to stop in an emergency.

• Tax payer money is being wasted e.g. NZTA did not do an assessment to determine where guardrails should go prior to being installed, they just went ahead and installed them everywhere.

• The offensive eyesore of concrete and steel taking over our unique natural coastline.

• The guardrails are ruining an iconic coastal journey as they block the ocean view from a car

• Taking away our right to due process and consultation is short-sighted and detrimental to our community wellbeing.

POU Kaikōura Coast are responding to the growing disquiet in Kaikōura that our unique coastal area is being desecrated.

The Kaikōura Coast deserves high quality and robust processes, planning and protection, something that has been painfully absent since the 2016 earthquake emergency legislation came in. We have already seen the detrimental results of poor planning at Ohau Point and with the guardrails.

The Earthquake emergency legislation was designed with the purpose to open the road and for restoration work. It allows all of the checks and balances (including the Treaty of Waitangi and important National Policies) to be bypassed with no public notification or any right of appeal.

What is clear is that the cycleway is a new development not related to the purpose of the legislation and is wrongly still being used opportunistically in the face of years of acknowledged and ongoing protest and opposition from iwi, environmental groups and the wider community.

The group acknowledges the good job and important work of opening the road undertaken by NCTIR, including the much needed jobs provided to the local community. However the earthquake sequence is over and the is road open so it is now time to take a breath and let the people who live here help make the decisions, for now and for future generations.

This is a double whammy for us, the earthquake was bad enough but being shut out and having no control over our coast being desecrated and disrespected is worse and it’s time for it to stop.

POU Kaikōura Coast are planning a series of direct actions to highlight their concerns and if anyone wants to learn more or get involved they can visit our Facebook page @POUKaikōuracoast.

Use of funds

The money will be spent on putting our story out to NZ to help stop this destruction of our Coast

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