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SPCA Otago desperately needs new facilities

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We need your help! We're falling to pieces at SPCA Otago and we urgently need to fundraise $1.5 million to upgrade our animal facilities.

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In Need Pets Animal Welfare

The mission of SPCA Otago is to encourage the humane treatment of all animals and to prevent cruelty and alleviate suffering to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

SPCA Otago currently rescues and rehabilitates approximately 1,700 animals each year; at any one time there may be up to 180 animals at our Dunedin centre requiring care and attention. We provide essential medical care and support to help every animal we rescue, and we provide a safe haven for them, until we can find them a home. We also work with the community to prevent cruelty and encourage the humane treatment of all animals, and we are the only charity with the legal power to bring offenders to justice.

SPCA Otago has operated effectively from its current premises in Opoho, Dunedin for almost 70 years. There is now an urgent need to refurbish the existing dilapidated facility. Already components of the buildings are either unusable, or will become unusable in the near future, thereby materially affecting SPCA Otago's ability to achieve its mission.

We plan to launch a capital project focusing on the construction of a new building that will provide a hygienic storage area for pet food, an adequate laundry facility to sterilise pet bedding, and two veterinary triage rooms for urgent animal treatment. We must also redevelop two existing animal facilities that house new arrivals and quarantined animals. This project is urgently required as already two areas have been closed for safety reasons and others are beginning to fail us.

Overcrowding of animals and the spread of disease is our biggest concern within the current constraints of our animal centre. We need to be able to provide the very best of care to animals that have already experienced the distress of neglect, abandonment, illness or abuse. Animals that come into our facility need a stress-free, hygenic environment with a first rate disease control arrangement.

The total building project will cost $1.5 million! Please help us to grasp the challenge ahead and rebuild our centre to keep animals safe in Otago.

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SPCA Otago has a dedicated project team committed to this capital project. We will work tirelessly to meet the fundraising goal and tackle the project responsibly and professionally.

“Gladly giving what I can to assist the wonderful people who help the little ones in need...”
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“A worthwhile and badly needed project to replace existing buildings”
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“Thank you SPCA!”
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“Can't wait to see the new look.”
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“Happy to support an organisation doing such great work”
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  • $31,320.00 donated
  • 133 generous donors

$31,320 donated

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