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Support Our Rangatahi Filmmakers to work with Youth in the South Pacific!

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14 young filmmakers have been selected from around NZ to lead youth filmmaking workshops in the Pacific. To get there they need your help!

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Film Talented Kids Kiwis Abroad

Māori connect with other peoples of the Pacific through a shared ancestor - Kiwa, hence Te Moananui a Kiwa - The great ocean of Kiwa.

This September, Through our Lens will take 14 rangatahi filmmakers (aged 13 - 23) from around Aotearoa to the Island nations of Hawaii, Tahiti, Rarotonga and Samoa where they will lead youth filmmaking workshops with other young indigenous peoples.

Now they need your support. Māoriland has gathered funds from a number of supporters and our rangatahi have been asked to contribute $450 each - together, this amount is $6,300. Together we all can help them raise this money!

The rangatahi are: Ana Scotney, Sonny Ngatai, Aydriannah Tuiali’i, Ariah Kapa, Awa Puna, Nikau, Wi Neera, Philadelphia Kingsford-Brown, Tutaamure Nikora, Oriwa Hakaraia, Shaye Leigh Witehira, Eva Hakaraia, Te Mahara Parata, Kaea Hakaraia-Hosking and Benji Timu.

Over the past three years, Māoriland has delivered fourteen filmmaking workshops for rangatahi around the country. We are constantly amazed and often moved to tears by what rangatahi create once we put the cameras in their hands. Their voice is powerful. Their films have won awards at Māoriland Film Festival and at other nationwide youth festivals.

The Through Our Lens project will see some of the best of these rangatahi filmmakers make films with their peers throughout the South Pacific. On each nation, they will share their knowledge and experience with their peers and collaborate to create a series of short films. These films will be screened at the end of the each workshop to the community, at film festivals throughout the Pacific and then screen at Māoriland Film festival 2018.

These rangatahi will inspire filmmaking both in Aotearoa and throughout Te Moana nui a Kiwa. This will lead to the building of networks and future collaborations both here in Aotearoa and across Te Moananui a Kiwa.

The 14 rangatahi selected for the project followed a nationwide callout and workshop.

They were chosen for their leadership qualities, their passion for film storytelling and an ability to share both their passion and skills with their peers.

Through Our Lens is supported by UNESCO and run by the Māoriland Charitable Trust.

The project’s budget including travel, accommodation, kai and workshop related costs is $50,000 NZD.

The Māoriland Charitable Trust has raised 3/4 of the funding and each rangatahi was asked to contribute $450 towards the costs of air travel, accommodation, food and workshops costs. They are raising this money as a collective and aim to raise $6,300.

We welcome your support for this talented and motivated rangatahi and their whānau.

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The Māoriland Charitable Trust is the originator of Through Our Lens and will support our rangatahi as they travel across Te Moananui a Kiwa.

Māoriland Charitable Trust was established in 2016 to support the work of the Māoriland Film Festival (est. 2014). Youth have been a core focus of the festival since it’s inception.

E Tū Whānau have supported Māoriland to deliver filmmaking workshops around Aotearoa, this in turn has enabled youth filmmakers to participate in the E Tū Whānau Rangatahi Filmmaking Challenge.

Through Our Lens is the next step in Māoriland’s work with rangatahi filmmakers. These filmmakers demonstrate exceptional talent and a hunger to learn. By taking them to the Pacific we hope to be able to grow their own skills while sharing their experiences with youth around Te Moananui a Kiwa.

  • $7,140.00 donated
  • 91 generous donors

$7,140 donated



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