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Survived half of my life, trapped in Domestic Violence, only to find out I have Cancer. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE x

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My name is Natalie and I am 40 years old, after being in and out of hospital for last 2 odd years, in the last 3 months about 6 plus weeks in Middlemore, I am advised as a outpatient with no support person, I have cancer. At this stage all I have been told is it is Diffuse Gastrointestinal Cancer..

The current diagnosis is:

Diffuse Gastricesopageal Adnocarcinoma Cancer


I lost a very good job, with great colleagues, worked up the chain for years. Was very proud of myself. But with the domestic violence cronic PTSD, and then being in hospital alot, or in chronic pain.. I felt I had to resign.

I am currently on a benifit, barely surviving. Having lost everything, and in debt.

Then Suddenly I'm at appointments or having tests about 4 days a week.

I need help with the cost of petrol and then parking fees, just running a vehicle, servicing, etc. I live at the border of the Waikato, so for me it can be 1hr plus each way. Plus the same costs for my family, so I can have them close. These costs are not covered by work and income, or acc.

And then I start Chemotherapy as a outpatient in January and that's at Auckland Hospital about 1.5 - 2 hours away plus parking fees.

Also medical costs, for example a Dietitian came to see me at home, a lot of the meal replacements she advised, cost a lot, not funded by the government. Then there's non funded vitamins advised by the dietitian. Non funded creams, for my skin reactions. Having to see my gp at least once a fortnight , a 30 minute consult is $38 each visit. Medic alert braclet and membership, also not funded. Bandages and plasters for wounds that heal slowly, not funded, st John's membership, I require, not funded, these are just some examples. I'm sure as I go there will be more..

I was left with huge debt by my ex, about 22k, I never got a cent from this debt. Trying to pay them back on a benifit. Some weeks it's pay debts or eat.

I live with my sick elderly father on his land ( or should I say the banks), trying to help him and now I'm sick. Our roof leaks etc not good when I have comprised health. Old farmhouse.

I also desperately need help with ensuring where I live is safe, that we can get alarms, camera systems everything, to keep us safe..

How donations will be used.

1st Travel to and from appointments petrol, parking, servicing vehicle + costs, helping family be there to support me. Not covered by work and income or acc

2nd Any and all medical required items. Not covered by work and income or acc


3rd Having home a, SAFE, HEALTHY environment to go through treatments and recover. Roof leaks fixed, water filtration system added to tank water etc.

Security system for protection.

Not covered by work and income or acc

4th Paying all debts that were taken out by my ex, that I have to pay back.

Not covered by work and income or acc

5th Having a safety plan. For when my ex is released.

Not covered by work and income or acc

I'm normally the person helping, not asking for help, but I've realised my health, wellbeing, safety etc are important and sometimes it's ok to say, " I need help please"

Use of funds

1st Travel to and from appointments +costs, helping family be there to support me.

2nd Any and all medical required items.

3rd Having home a, SAFE, HEALTHY environment to go through treatments & recover.

4th Paying all debts

5th Having a safety plan.

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Update 02.05.2020  2 May 2020

Posted by: Natalie Jones

Firstly I hope you are well and staying safe.

I'm so sorry I have been AWOL, nothing personal at all. I truly appreciate your love and support. There are no words to Express my gratitude xx

This has been a rough ride. I find texting hard, and talking painful. I have been on extremely strong medications. I find it hard to concentrate, constantly have the shakes... the Phenomena took its toll, and I have a lung with part deflation and fluid build up that is extremely painful.

I am healing slowly from the surgery...

Even writing this has taken me over half an hour.

Please bear with me, if I can't respond.

Love Natalie

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JP on 04 Apr 2020
Wishing you all the very best. You can beat this.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 21 Mar 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 10 Mar 2020
Chris on 08 Mar 2020
Kia kaha Natalie, keep fighting hard!
Natalie Jones

Speechless my friend... I was wanting to support you, for your heroic running effort.👍👣 But couldn't 😓 Thank you for your kindness..😇

Natalie Jones
Kerry on 03 Mar 2020
Hey Natalie. I'm really sorry to hear of everything you're going through. I hope you find your silver lining soon. I wish I could more. Stay strong xx

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