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A high quality professionally produced independent documentary about ACC and Motorcyclists, exposing government discrimination.


A community funded documentary,to expose the institutionaldiscrimination by the governement agianst us as road users and citizens.

Officially supported by the motorcycle representation groups of New Zealand, BRONZ, WIMA and MAG.

ACC are currently engineering a campaign to raise Motorcycle levys again in the coming financial year.

Yet the account is overfunded to the point all other road users get a discount while we bikers face another massive hike. See ACC's own information on motorcycle levy submission, its language is clear, we cost, and they want us to pay which goes completely against the purpose of ACC (all support all evenly)

Support our documentary so we can hold the governments feet to the fire and force them to keep promises made in 2011.

Dont let apathy and acceptance of an unfair situation win the day, have your say, fund this project or live with the hikes coming in the future.

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I don't mind paying my fair share, but I do mind being lied to.

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