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The "Tauranga Firefighters Inter Station Relations"

  • 2023 Te Kiwi Māia in review

      30 December 2023
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    Wow what a year! looking back we were able to accomplish a lot.

    - ran three wellness leaders workshops,

    - ran one wellness week for 12 first responders,

    - were the chosen charity for the PBI 61st NZ Firefighters National Golf Tournament - Thanks team!!

    - were a chosen charity in Celebrity Treasure Island - Thanks Wardie!

    - spoke at camps, bases, stations, conferences and functions across New Zealand

    - supported the inaugural Inter-Stations Relations fundraising event thanks to the Tauranga Fire Fighters - Thanks team!!

    - were selected for four Z Stations for their Good in the Hood campaign

    - applied for a a handful of grants and

    - got another year of sponsorship from Giltrap for our cars - Thanks Giltrap!

    Bring on 2024! Thanks for all your support.

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  • A massive THANK YOU!!

      14 December 2023
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    We just realised there hadn't been an update on this page since the team had finished "The Tauranga Intersation Relations" What a day it was!

    Everyone was in high spirits and rode the roller coaster of emotions completing their 42.2km marathon. Whether on foot/bike or skateboard, there were conversations about mental health, there was laughter and of course lots of banter.

    The retired firefighters turned up to support, their families and friends were there to yell and cheer them on. The comradeship of this crew was huge and it was a privilege to be here to support them.

    Thank you so much to everyone involved in the run.

    Shout out to

    Dunnie, Dave, Woody, Derryn and Ash for putting this together, to Brownwatch for helping out through the day, Kylie and Andy (The Mt Surfclub), to the GM Bill Pike for the support from the top, to Hayley for your communication/media skills, to Lisa for sorting my body out for the ride (I am sure you have been seeing some of the lads over the past couple of weeks) and to everyone who turned up/fundraised and took part.

    We cracked over $5,000 which is huge! You have helped cover one of our first responders on the programme next year. Bloody Legends!!

    Bring on the next Intersation Relations. #2024

    Lots of Love



    Te Kiwi Māia

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  • The Final Friday 5k Preworkout Experiment

      24 November 2023
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    The Final Friday 5k Preworkout Experiment is done and Brian, our lead researcher/ first year apprentice at Tonys Transmissons and Tyres Te Kuiti has just faxed back the results. Brian employs cutting edge processes to collect data and athlete samples using the ashtray from a Datsun 1080B and a vehicle diagnostic computer programmed for a 1992 Mazda bongo van.

    Woodys Donuts with Scar Tissue Blueberry bomb Jam were chosen by Ash’s Mum Lee Andrews-Ellery has like many others generously donated to Te Kiwi Māia.

    As our fax machine ran out of paper the only details we recovered were that Hamish Dalziell has a dicky thermostat and cannot regulate between hot and cold. Brian says all of the other bongo vans that ran today seem fine but will probably need a flush tomorrow to be on the safe side.

    Thankyou to our athletes, our film crew Hayley Feaver and Greg Cato, our support crew and all of the fantastic people that have donated to the givealittle page.

    Now we taper for the big day this Tuesday.

    Please if you can hit the link and donate and if you can come down and show your support on the 28th as Tauranga firefighters push themselves to get through a marathon.

    Much love


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  • Te Kiwi Māia Wellness Week - November 2023

      22 November 2023
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    Our third wellness week is underway where we have taken away 12 first responders and NZDF personnel.

    Thank you so much for your support and kind donations, it's a huge privilege to be surrounded by such incredible humans and to help them on their healing journey.

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  • Friday 5K Preworkout Experiment - 17 Nov 2023

      20 November 2023
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    Lab results are back from Dannevirke University School of Animal Husbandry:

    Initially there was a huge spike in adrenaline in all participants whilst ingesting the Fanta and deep fried spud & fish sticks but this was found to be due to the 1991 Ford Fairlane present.

    During the run is where we saw some interesting changes where two participants had massive coronary infarctions, another experienced renal failure, there were 6 recorded bowel obstructions and one persons heart stopped completely for 2.5 minutes.

    Unfortunately due to the monitors still being assigned to a flock of ducks from the last Animal Husbandry Experiment we couldn’t assign these symptoms to any one athlete but I’m assured that most of these symptoms will subside after a disprin and a lay down.

    The most exciting findings were that Shayne Nelson’s hair follicles can already photosynthesise but it seems to give him no performance edge apart from his hair begins to glow. The other participants Rowdy, Ash, Hemi, Oz, Andy, Dave, Joe, Dezzy and Dunnie noted no real improvements apart from one of them being able to function with no heartbeat.

    Thanks to Melly and Hayley for photos, Woody for the meal prep and big thanks to little Winn for being incredibly cute.

    We are nearly there!!!

    Much love Dunnie

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  • Friday 5K Preworkout Experiment

      15 November 2023
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    Last weeks “Friday 5K Preworkout Experiment” was 2 cans/bottles of BEER rapidly consumed.

    The theory is performance will be improved as the bubbles will make athletes lighter, the liquid will help lubricate ageing joints and rapid ingestion will increase blood flow.

    These were non alcoholic due to the responsible nature of the athletes in attendance and the fact they have all conducted multiple experiments with alcoholic beverages previously.

    Thanks to Ronnie who was the lucky winner of last week's suggestion for the "Friday 5K Preworkout Experiment"

    We will be choosing tomorrows winner for this weeks "Friday 5K Preworkout Experiment". Get your thinking caps on team.

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  • Check out these epic tops!

      13 November 2023
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    Wow the crew have gone hardcore and organised these awesome tops for their marathon!!! Awesome work team they are fantastic.

    The Red and Black colours represent Fire & Emergency NZ and the t-shirt and singlet has been specifically designed by Richie at and Toddy from Playa Sportswear to represent Dr Mason Drurie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā wellness model at Te Kiwi Māia.

    Dunnie, Ashley, Derryn & Andrew you are amazing humans!

    Go team go!!!

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  • A Message from Dunnie

      6 November 2023
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    On the 28th of November Tauranga, Greerton at Mt Maunganui Firefighters will push themselves to complete a 42.2km course by any means to raise awareness and much needed funds for Te Kiwi Māia.

    We understand there is a lot of fantastic charities out there who are all deserved of your hard earned cash, so we have developed a carrot on top of the marathon event.

    For the three Friday’s this month leading up to the event some of the participants will meet for a 5km training run and you get to pick the pre-workout nutrition they will consume before the jog.

    To enter the random draw all you need to do is share the fundraising page and like/follow Te Kiwi Maia on your chosen platform or alternatively donate at least $10 to the givealittle page.

    Maybe you have wondered what performance enhancements cat treats or spam can provide?

    Or if vanilla custard turns to butter if shaken for 5000m?

    There are only two constraints on your pre-workout choice if you are lucky enough to be selected;

    1. The product must be available for purchase at most large supermarkets.

    2. Consuming the product cannot have the potential for the consumee to require medical attention.

    Please share this with friends, family or complete strangers and stay tuned for the results of this highly controlled scientific experiment.

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  • Dunnie's Story

      3 November 2023

    Brendon Dunn aka Dunnie

    Senior Firefighter - Tauranga Fire Station

    Dunnie is one of our Te Kiwi Māia Pioneers. He with 11 other first responders and New Zealand Defence Force personnel attended our first Wellness Week last year. Here is what he has to say about his time with TKM and the outcome of attending our programme.

    A massive thank you to Dunnie for sharing his story with us and to the Tauranga Firefighters for fundraising this November for our next Wellness Week.

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