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Over the last year I had been raising funds to help repair boreholes in Borno Nigeria so that children can have access to clean water. I am now focusing on the support of planting fruit trees a - project which has progressed slowly for last three years.

The funds raised will go towards Lovatt Foundation.Org which was established in May 2015 by a New Zealand poet and teacher Fiona Lovatt , who has lived and worked with women and orphans in Nigeria since 2011.

Lovatt Foundation .Org is a charity which delivers high value, grass-root level, long-term projects in the red zone of Northern Nigeria. It has grown from setting up one orphanage for 30 children (of troubled Borno) to what it is today. Current projects include ‘COB’ – Children of Borno, ‘Gidan Almajirai’ Scholarships, the RUMBU Program, Tree Planting and Boreholes, to name just a few. Every penny goes a long way as the collective does not get paid, nobody draws a wage for the work.

To find out more about Fiona and the amazing work she does with the foundation please visit her website and FB page.



Tasneem Mohammed's involvement (page creator)

I am a Librarian and my first little project with Fiona was to find book donations for her "Books without Borders"project in 2008. Since then I have followed her work in Nigeria and once again I am getting the opportunity to assist.

Use of funds

Many damaged boreholes exist in the community. Funds will go towards repairs to provide safe access to water for poor families and income for local tradesmen. Lovatt Foundation.Org is involved in many other grass root projects.

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Borehole Repairs and Greening project continues  27 May 2021

Posted by: Tasneem Mohammed

Salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu. Jazak Allah khairan for all your wonderful support. As our attention turned towards the atrocities against innocent Palestinians in May we did not continue with the borehole repair fundraiser so that people could contribute to assist the Palestinian people.

We have many boreholes left to sponsor if you still interested. Here is the list.

Or if you would like to contribute towards planting fruit trees $15 per tree with protection.

Anyone can join in with Borehole repairs. Those fasting during this lunar month may like to spend particularly at this time so that a parched community in Borno has access to the aquifers beneath their feet.

Cool, fresh water gushing from the dry sand in temperatures of 40°C+!

Such a gift you can give.

Scroll down to see the list of 41 for May.

Boreholes for May2021

1. 🌿 Thanks to Zehra NZ

2. $129


Bearings 10,000Hand rod 15,000

Bolts 10,000



Pipes 20,000

Oil seal 5000



Oil seal 5,000Cylinder 25,000

5. $111


Pipes 8,000Bearings 10,000Rod 12,000

6. $170


Pipes 20,000

Oil seal 5,000Bottom 21,000

7. $130


pipes = 10,400Cylinder 25k

8. 🌿

9. 🌿

10. $188


Valve 36k

Oil seal 5kBearings 10k

11. $353


Hand rod 15kValve 36kCylinder 25k

Pipes 20k

12. $287


Bearings 10kValve 36k

Rod 12k

Pipes 20k

13. $193


Pipes 10,400Chain & bearings 17k

Cylinder 25k

14. $173


Chain= 7,000 Cylinder =25,000Hand rod 15,000

15. $195


Chain =7,000Valve =36,000Bearings 10,000

16. $160


Chain, bolts and nuts=12,000Pipes =31,500

17. $203


Rods=12,000Chain =7,000 valve =36,000

18. $173


Chain =7,000Cylinder =25,000Nuts & bolts 5k

Bearings 10,000

19. $111


hand rod 15,000Bearings 10,000Nuts and bolt= 5k


N61k cylinder=25,000 Valve=36,000

21. $180


Chain & bearings 17,000

Cylinder =25,000Chain= 7,000

22. $173


Cylinder =25,000Hand rod 15,000 Chain =7,000

23. $81


Bearings 10,000

Chain 7000

bolts & nuts 5k

24. 🌿 Thanks to Zayna NZ

25. 🌿 Thanks to Zeenat NZ

26. $111


Cylinder =25,000nuts and bolt 5k

27. $92


Bearings 10,000 hand rod 15,000

28. $92


Bearings 10kNuts & bolt 5kOil seal 10,000

29. 🌿 Hanan NZ

30. $225

N61k cylinder=25,000 Valve=36,000

31. 🌿 Reeza NZ

32. 🌿

33. $81


Bearings 10,000Rods 12,000

34. 🌿

35. $92


Hand rod 15,000Bearings 10,000

36. $74


Oil seal 5,000Pipes 15,000

37. 🌿 Wahed NZ

38. 🌿 Jubedah NZ

39. $81


Bearings 10,000Rods 12,000

40. 🌿 Roshanarra NZ

41. $188


Hand rod 15,000Valve 36,000

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 12 May 2021
Tasneem Mohammed

Jazak Allah khairan for your generous donation ❤

Tasneem Mohammed
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 May 2021
Tasneem Mohammed

Thank you for your generous donation. ❤

Tasneem Mohammed
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 May 2021
Tasneem Mohammed

Jazak Allah khairan. May you be rewarded immensely for your donation ❤

Tasneem Mohammed
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 02 May 2021
Tasneem Mohammed

Jazak Allah khairan. Always grateful for your care and support. May Allah swt multiply your rewards ❤🥰

Tasneem Mohammed
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 02 May 2021
Jazakyallahu khairan for all your hard work and dedication sister Fiona and sister Tasneem for your local efforts collecting money here in NZ! May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala reward you both and all who have helped make this possible and enable you all to carry on with this great mahi 😀
Tasneem Mohammed

Jazak Allah khairan. Always grateful for your care and support. May Allah swt multiply your rewards ❤🥰

Tasneem Mohammed

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