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Zaynes Heart Journey

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We are hoping to keep our family and household afloat while we spend as much time with our son as possible during his stay at Starship.

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Hi there everyone

My name is Chyvaurne and Zayne is my son. He is a beautiful 3 year old boy who has unfortunately been in hospital for a while now. We arrived with a suspected tummy bug but after more and more symptoms, different tests everyday (multiple blood tests, ECGS, heart echos, blood pressures, observations and a CT brain scan) we still have the doctors scratching their heads as to what has been happening with my baby.

There is one thing though that has been continuous through this ordeal is my sons heart murmur. It was picked up on the first day, then dismissed but now they have found 2 more heart murmurs. After a heart echo today, the cardiologist has advised me that this is a type of heart disease. He has a leaky valve, inflammation around his heart and an infection in his heart. He now has blood clots in his brain.

We are in hospital for quite a long time - months atleast as my baby is on bedrest and needs to avoid any strenuous activity that may lead to heart failure. We have now been transferred to starship in Auckland. This is going to a very long and slow process and recovery but our boy is going to be okay.

I am just hoping to try keep my family, my household and the finances afloat while we are all here, supporting my son on this journey to mend his heart.

He needs open heart surgery this week to remove a mass of “vegetation” (bacteria also known as endocarditis) as this is what has been causing all the infections in my sons body, the blood clots in my sons brain and his kidneys almost failing last week. If this vegetation is not removed, he will almost certainly have brain damage.

Use of funds

They will be used to help with any financial strain that we endure during our stay with our son in hospital as well as allowing Durand to comfortably take time off work for our son. Surplus will be used and saved for any medical costs that come up.

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Road to recovery   6 September 2019

Hey everyone

I am terribly sorry for the delayed update. It has been a very crazy, intense and emotional two weeks. Over the last two weeks that we have been in starship, Zayne has had his kidneys shut down and he went into complete renal failure, he was transferred to the intensive care unit, he began dialysis, he was sedated for 13 days AND he had his open heart surgery yesterday. The surgeons managed to remove all of the endocarditis which was causing problems all over my sons body and also sent more infection to his brain and started a new infection on his femur. They also managed to repair the leaky heart valve temporarily. He most likely will need a further operation in the distant future but after this ordeal, we can deal with anything. He is on a very intense 6 week course of antibiotics and he is at risk of becoming reinfected with the staph aureus infection but we are hoping and praying that that doesn’t happen. My son is such a little fighter, and now a heart warrior. He is on the mend and is being sedated for one more day to rest, and tomorrow he will be waking up. Thank you everyone for your kind and very generous donations. You have no idea what this means for our family xoxo

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    Go well little guy x


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$6,996 donated

Given by 142 generous donors in around 3 months

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