This type of page is ideal for your charity, school or other organisation.

Givealittle is great for organisations! If your charity creates a page, other Givealittle users can fundraise on your behalf. We’ll manage receipts for your donors, and give you a bulk payment of donations each month.

  • Use Givealittle tools to promote and gain support for projects, events and causes

  • Enable your supporters create their own fundraising pages to directly support your organisation's work

  • Build new supporter networks

Be Ready to go in minutes

It's really easy to create an organisation page – you can have one up and running in a couple of minutes!

There are a few things you should have on hand before you get started:

  1. Your email address, so that you can create a Givealittle membership for your organisation.
  2. Your organisation logo for the member profile.
  3. Photos about your work for the organisation page gallery.
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