Fundraiser pages

Fundraiser Pages are created by an individual, group, business, or Charity who want to support a charity or an existing cause on Givealittle. The fundraiser page will be linked to the page you're fundraising for and the donations will automatically be paid to them.


  • Run a marathon to to support your favourite pet rescue!
  • Give up something you love for a set time to raise awareness and donations for a relevant charity. Think "Dry July"!
  • Ask friends and family to donate to a cause in lieu of wedding or birthday gifts
  • If a friend has an existing Givealittle page, and you'd like to fundraise for it within your own work groups.

Check out a Fundraiser page: Kate's O'very Long Walk!

Be Ready to go in minutes

It's really easy to create a fundraiser page – you can have one up and running in a couple of minutes!

There are a few things you should have on hand before you get started:

  1. Your email address
    so that you can become a Givealittle member.
  2. A photo of you
    for your member profile.
  3. A photo related to your fundraising efforts or the cause you're supporting.
  4. The name of the cause or organisation your page is fundraising for.

Create a Fundraiser Page