If you’re here to donate, that is great! It’s people like you that keep the magic happening here at Givealittle. Let’s get started!

Why Givealittle’s great for giving:

  • Givealittle is a simple, quick and secure way to donate.
  • You can leave a message of encouragement and support with your donation.
  • You can choose how much information you want to give the fundraiser - from being totally anonymous to sharing your contact details so they can get in touch directly.
  • You can subscribe to page updates via Givealittle for the pages you donate to. Keep up with how things are going - without having to give the fundraiser your details.
  • When you give to a qualifying charity, you'll get a tax receipt to claim a 33% NZ tax rebate. All your receipts will be emailed straight away as well as saved on Givealittle to make it easy to claim your rebate.
  • Our donors don’t pay any fees, and that’s just how we like it.

Ways to donate:

  • Credit or debit card.
  • Internet banking (account2account, for NZ bank accounts).
  • Through a Givealittle member account topped up by your bank account or credit/debit card.
  • Regular Giving (e.g. Monthly or Quarterly) via your credit card.
  • Payroll Giving (to charities that qualify for a tax rebate).
  • Givealittle vouchers (a great way to share the joy of giving).

How else can you help?

It’s not only your money that’s worth something, so is your voice!

Let your friends and family know about the great cause you’re supporting by sharing a link on your Facebook, Twitter, Neighbourly, and more. Or, you can embed a link to a Givealittle page on your website.

And if you think others need an extra hand to find out how great giving feels, try our Givealittle vouchers!

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