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Barbara's Bigger Leap 2016

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$4,143 of $2,700 goal

Given by 64 generous donors in one month

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I'm celebrating having turned 60 by doing a sponsored Sky Dive for charity. Donate and give me the courage to take this Big Leap. Thanks!

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When I turned 50, my family gave me a jump off Auckland's Sky Tower. Lots of people helped me pluck up courage to take that Big Leap by generously donating to the breastfeeding support charity that I work for as a volunteer, La Leche League New Zealand.

Now that I've turned 60, I've set my sights on an even Bigger Leap - a Sky Dive while on holiday at Lake Taupo at the end of February.

Please help me pluck up courage for this Bigger Leap by donating to this fundraiser. Every dollar will support my fellow LLLNZ volunteers who help mothers and babies in their communities to achieve their breastfeeding goals.

My goal is to exceed $2700 - that's a dollar for every time in the last 19 years that I've helped mothers one-to-one with breastfeeding their babies. Yes! I really have helped mothers and babies 2700 times - and counting. I find it hard to believe too. I think you will agree that it's a volunteer effort worth rewarding.

Please give as much as you can. I'd love to exceed my goal!

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 24 Mar 2016



  • Jenny Middlemass

    Jenny Middlemass on 20 Mar 2016



  • LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education

    LLL Alliance for Breastfeeding Education on 19 Mar 2016


    Congratulations from your fans!


  • Lisa Walshe

    Lisa Walshe on 16 Mar 2016


    Barbara you're braver than I & an inspiration!


  • From Haydn.

    From Haydn. on 11 Mar 2016


    Thx, Haydn. Much appreciated. Barbara xx.


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Barbara Sturmfels


I'm doing a Sky Dive (Barbara's Bigger Leap) to celebrate having turned 60 AND to raise funds for La Leche League NZ.

It's a fun (I hope!) way to support a charity whose volunteers give so much of their valuable time and expertise to help others in their communities.

All funds raised go to:

  • La Leche League New Zealand

    La Leche League is the world’s largest mum-to-mum breastfeeding support organisation. Our collective breastfeeding wisdom spans generations.

Participating in:

  • Barbara's Bigger Leap 2016

    Barbara is skydiving and needs your donations to add to the fun. Help Barbara and La Leche League to keep supporting breastfeeding mums.

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“Fly high and enjoy Barbara! LLL's Mother to mother support is such a sustainable practice!”
“Give it heaps - very brave of you!”
“Barbara, you are brave and generous woman. You are sure to enjoy the sky dive - what a wonderful experience. Thank you for your continuing support for breastfeeding mums and belief in LLLNZ.”
“Best wishes for the sky dive Barb! You have done so much for LLLNZ over the years”
“hey thought I should give a little why not LLL has done so much for my family.”
“Your ongoing support to mothers and babies and LLLNZ is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the leap!”
“Go Barbara! You are much braver than me. Awesome that you are doing this for such a worthy cause, close to both our hearts I know. :)”
“Great idea. Great cause!”
“I might not be one of your LLL number, but you have helped me in other ways. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.”
“Thank you for helping me and my baby. I really appreciate your work helping mothers and babies.”
$4,143 of $2,700 goal

Given by 64 generous donors in one month


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Closed on 31 Mar 2016

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