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Elisha is an orphan caring for his siblings ... lockdown restrictions and a recent flood washing away their home.. life has become very hard


Elisha Karisa (26) is the captain of Kensha football team in Mariakani Kenya....he is an orphan and takes care of his younger siblings in the picture... They stay in a two bedroom mud hut.  Unfortunately it was recently washed away in a flood... They are all currently sleeping in a hallway of the founder and coach of the Kensha football team, Shaban Kalama...   But they need to rebuild

Here are a list of needs and probable costs!   1000/= Kenya shillings equals $US 10.

(1)100poles each 300*100pcs=30000

(2)30pcs Iron sheets each 800*30pcs=24000

(3)sisal poles per bunch each 1700*6=10200

(4)Timber 2/2 500fts per fts 76*500=38000

(5)3 doors each 2500*3=7500

(6)4 windows each 3500*4=14000

(7)10 bags cement each 880*10=8800

(8)6kgs roofing nails per kg680*6=4080

(9)4kgs nails 4 inches per kg450*4=1800

(10)5kgs nails 2 inches per kg370*5=1850

The Total Costs for all materials    140,230/=  Kenya shillings

Plus 1000shs per day for labour and it should take about 7 days...

150,000 Kenyan shillings today is 2,260NZD  [1,500 US$]

You could choose to pay for bags of cement, a window or door etc or a .

We have already helped them with immediate relief for food and mattresses but they will need more food and clothing and bedding etc... also because of the Covid 19 lock down in Kenya this makes going to town to look for work for the day which is usually how they live day to day they are forced to stay on their plot and try to grow vegetables but with flooding this has become harder... Please help out this young family who have no bred-winner, but do their best to survive.

Nicholas Lawrence's involvement (page creator)

I have been friends with Elishaa and Shaban for many years on Facebook through Ken Rout who knows they personally and visits them in Kenya ...Africa

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Latest donations

Martyn on 21 Jun 2020
Deborah on 20 Jun 2020
Wish It was more, I am sorry to learn of the loss of your home.
Kathleen on 18 Jun 2020
God Bless all who are involved. May He make a smooth path before you.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 17 Jun 2020
I hope you can get the money you need to you all in Kenya quickly to build a new shelter

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