Harvest Partnership Trust

Harvest Partnership Trust

Harvest Partnership is based on 40 years of New Zealand involvement in countries in Africa.


Harvest Partnership is based on 40 years of New Zealand involvement in countries in Africa. Primarily we seek to help churches to become more community minded and active. And have a team of supporters who help us.

We came across “people needs” calling for help.

In Nairobi Kenya we found South Sudanese youth who began their refugee life in camps in Uganda. But after primary education they were set loose in Kenya. We have been helping them through secondary school and now higher education to prepare them to go home and participate that new nations development. Prices, especially in Nairobi have jumped high, beyond our ability

On the Kenya Coast we helped a youth and his brother who lived in a roofless building. None of their relations would care for them when their parents died. Discovering their interest in Football a project began to involve all the street kids and youth these boys knew. This now reaches more than 200. We have put some to school, designed reading programs, established a farm plot housing and training 13,supplying water, food, plants and chickens and personal needs. Needing football gear for the senior and junior teams, footballs, paying for practice and games grounds, referees and registrations fees, transport for away games, medical and sickness supplies and hospital bills, food for home and away matches, clothing and bedding etc. That has exhausted our ability

In the genocide countries around the Africa Great Lakes suffering from the past killing and suffering and present political and other instability including refugee camps our best approach was to appoint local coordinators who visit areas still troubled by rebel groups of different courses. Many can’t afford higher education without sponsors, calamities are regular and the coordinators risk their lives. While they serve others it is important to meet their needs – especially with safe housing and good schooling.

This give a little entry will feature different and urgent humanitarian needs from time to time, as well as continuing needs month after month. Please look at the present projects listed on the Pages section.

Further information can be gained by sending an email. Thank you.

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Harvest Partnership Trust is a registered charity under NZ law and a member of Missions Interlink New Zealand. We are a service mission focusing on East Africa from the Coast to the Great Lakes. See our mission statement at harvestpartnership.org

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