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Help Georgie Help the Penguins!

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We have the opportunity right now to help protect the Yellow-eyed Penguins and prevent them becoming extinct in 10 years. So please help!

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Hi, I’m Georgie, I'm 6 years old. I have been learning about native birds at school and I love birds so much. When I read that the Yellow eyed-Penguins could be extinct in 10 years this made me so sad I wanted to cry. Mum asked me what I was going to do about it and I said I would fundraise. I don’t think it is fair that they should die. We have the opportunity right now to help protect them and prevent them becoming extinct. We only have one shot because if they become extinct we can never get them back. So please help me and the people at Penguin Rescue to make sure the YEP’s survive and flourish.

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Fundraiser and bird lover wanting to help a good cause

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  • Daniel

    Daniel on 15 Aug 2019



  • Kate

    Kate on 14 Aug 2019


    Great idea and hope every little bit helps!!


  • Louis

    Louis on 14 Aug 2019


    Hi Georgie I hope THE yellow eyed penguins don't get Extinct because I love penguins. From Louis


  • Flynn

    Flynn on 14 Aug 2019


    Thank you for helping the yellow eyed penguins. Penguins are one of my favorite animals from Flynn


  • Paul

    Paul on 14 Aug 2019




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$510 donated

Given by 18 generous donors in 24 days

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