Give Lab Animals A Second Chance!

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Support NZAVS and HUHA to rehome lab animals to loving Kiwi homes. Give an ex-lab animal, like this wee rat Willow, a second chance today.


Ex-lab rat Willow finally enjoys a life of compassion, companionship and support after spending her life in a lab. Due to the secrecy of the industry, we don’t know what she has endured in the lab, but it’s left her blind.

Here in NZ, despite the existence of far superior non-animal tests, we still force-feed rats potentially lethal substances or recreational drugs, or force them to inhale toxins amongst other cruel things, and each one of them (who survives!), desperately needs our help. You can give them a chance to finally experience compassion and kindness today.

When you donate to the ‘Out of the Labs’ campaign, your gift goes directly to NZAVS and HUHA and the rehoming of ex-lab animals like our lucky Willow.

Help give lab animals a second chance; will you donate today?

* Please note that NZAVS and HUHA are against the use of animals for experimentation, but until the day this ends, we need your help to give exploited animals a chance of a life #OutOfTheLabs

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I am part of NZAVS and have been running the 'Out of the Labs' campaign.

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Lexi on 04 Sep 2019
Jill on 16 Jul 2019
My sister, Annie Potts requested I donate to this instead of giving her a present. It was a pleasure. 😀
Roxane on 15 Jul 2019
On behalf of my lovely Aunt Annie (happy birthday) xxx
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Guest Donor on 05 Feb 2019
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Guest Donor on 08 Dec 2018

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