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Patrick Going Baldax For CanTeen and Lifeline

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I am shaving my head completely and would love some sponsors! All proceeds are being split down the middle for CanTeen and Lifeline!!!!! :)

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Wassup guys, I'm Patrick and I recently decided I'm sick of my hair being so long. So I'm getting rid of all of it!! If you want to sponsor me that would be super cool, all proceeds are being split to both CanTeen and Lifeline, they are both amazing (non-profit) organisations and rely heavily on donations and volunteers. Lifeline (0800 543 354) is basically a 24/7 service dedicated to giving specialist support to anyone who wants to talk, and they also have a suicide helpline (0508 828 865). USE IT!! CanTeen is an organisation purely dedicated to people my age (13-24) who have had their lives tipped upside-down by cancer, providing free care and support. I can only imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed at this age so I'm just doing my bit to help out their amazing service.

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Patrick Dempsey


I have zero relationship with either of these organisations. But I realise the severity of the problem in New Zealand regarding suicide/mental health issues and hugely appreciate the work that all the volunteers at lifeline do. Proceeds are being split 50/50 to the CanTeen organisation as well, I can only imagine being diagnosed with cancer at this age but it's a harsh reality for many, so just doing my bit to help out :))

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  • $911.00 donated
  • 26 generous donors

$911 donated


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