Spotify Fan Support on Givealittle

We hear you want to add a "Fan Support" page to your Spotify! What’s next? We'll make it easy to fundraise for what matters to you.

Want to create your own Givealittle page to fundraise for your favourite charity?
Your/Your crew will own and administer the page, but donations are paid directly to the charity of your choice. Follow the link below, follow the steps to create your page, and Submit!
Copy the URL at the top of your page, and paste that link on Spotify’s website where you see “Add your fundraising link” For example, at the bottom of this page, you will see: “This page is owned by (you), paying donations to (Charity Name).

Create a fundraiser page

Don’t want to create a page, just to support your favourite charity?
Search our site for your favourite NZ charity, copy the URL of that page, and paste that link on Spotify’s website in “Add your fundraising link”.
If your charity of choice is not on Givealittle, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Search for a Charity to support

You or your band need some support?
Create a page on Givealittle, fill in the page details, and submit!
Note: The URL for your chosen Givealittle page will be at the top, and will look something like this, where the title of the page is at the end.

Create a page for you

Note: If you create your own page, it is a good idea to wait for our team to Moderate it before you enter into the URL into your Fan Support pick on Spotify, since you will be unable to change the URL after!