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BirdCare Aotearoa

BirdCare Aotearoa wild bird hospital provides expert care & rehabilitation for sick, injured & orphaned wild birds - saving precious lives!


BirdCare Aotearoa is a wild bird hospital and rehabilitation centre for sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds and we urgently need help to continue giving life-saving care to rescued wild birds.

Over the past few years, BirdCare Aotearoa wild bird hospital has been running at a loss despite our best efforts. We have been hit hard by covid, recent extreme weather events, rising costs, decreased donations, decreased grant availability, and the current recession. Times are hard, and BirdCare risks closure by 2024 without financial support.

We currently receive no regular government or council funding. We rely entirely on donations and grants.

The closure of BirdCare would have a devastating impact on Auckland. We care for over 6,000 wild birds every year, and have cared for over 31,000 birds in the past 5 years, including thousands of orphaned baby birds.

We are the largest bird rehabilitation centre in New Zealand by intake, and service the greater Auckland region, receiving birds from as far as Northland and the Waikato.

Our dedicated team of wildlife rehabilitators, academic researchers, consulting vets and devoted volunteers ensure that each bird receives expert care and rehabilitation. BirdCare Aotearoa accepts all injured, orphaned, and sick wild birds, and is fully DOC-permitted for natives, including precious endangered species.

Please help us sustain these vital efforts.

Your kindness and generosity give wild birds a second chance at life.

BirdCare Aotearoa is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005, registration number CC37288.

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BirdCare Aotearoa is a wild bird hospital and rehabilitation centre providing expert care and rehabilitation for sick, injured and orphaned wild birds.

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Jennifer 6 days ago    Aotearoa Bird Rescue risk closure!
Chikako Shiraki

Hello Jennifer, Thank you for your kind thoughts and caring for the precious life. I'm really appreciate your generosity🥰 Have a great weekend. Warm regards, Chikako

Chikako Shiraki
Katie on 10 Nov 2023    Aotearoa Bird Rescue risk closure!
Chikako Shiraki

Hello Katie, Thank you so much for your kindness and care of birds. I'm really appreciate your generosity. Thank you 😊 🙏🙏🙏 Warm regards, Chikako Shiraki

Chikako Shiraki
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 Nov 2023
Louise on 25 Sep 2023
Natasha on 11 Sep 2023
Happy birthday Darcel

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