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We help prevent bullying by empowering people to connect, embrace their differences & make pro-social changes that encourage kindness.


We encourage young people and their communities to become upstanders, create leadership groups and run pro-social events to help prevent bullying, isolation and prejudice. We do this via our website and social media pages which are full of tips and tools for young people (and adults/whānau/youth workers) to use and through in-school/organisation presentations and projects. Your donation will help us continue the communication and sharing of our resources throughout New Zealand, and help us work in a proactive, hands-on way to help communities in Christchurch flourish.

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NZ is 2nd worst in the OECD for bullying and that is simply not ok! We encourage a strengths-based solution to bullying by empowering youth (and adults) to connect with each other, embrace their differences & make pro-social changes that encourage kindness. Our website has tools to help you become involved in creating your own cultures of acceptance and compassion which ultimately stops common issues such as bullying, loneliness, negativity, racism and the negative effects such as violence, self harm and mental health issues.

We are a team of pro-active change makers, who care deeply about humans and helping make the world a better place. If we see a cause that is in need of support, we will use our platform to help. In this instance donations will be tagged with a specific "code" and we will ensure all funds received for that particular cause are forwarded as soon as Givealittle releases them.

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Terry Sandilands  7 September 2019

Terry’s wife Betty and daughter Chanelle have chosen us to officially help collect the donations that many people have kindly offered following 1 News story Thursday 5th September 2019.

Our bully prevention charity has been running for over 9 years and from time to time we use our platform to raise funds for other worthy causes, such as Terry’s. Our aim is to raise enough money to help pay off his mortgage before he passes away. When you donate please comment under the section Donation Message “for Terry”.

The page is registered, tax credit approved, moderated and your donations will be forwarded directly to Terry once Givealittle releases them. Thank you for showing such kindness and thank you 1 News for highlighting this story 💜💛💚

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