It Takes a Village Canterbury

It Takes a Village Canterbury

We are the village families desperately need to help get through these tough times, join us by gifting a helping hand!


It really does take a village to raise a Child!

Many of our local Tamariki are experiencing severe material hardship, this means their families go without 6 or more of the items people regard as essential – such as warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

Here at It Takes A Village, we provide free Baby and Toddler bundles to families in the Canterbury region that need a little extra help.

A full Baby or Toddler bundle can provide between $400-700 worth of items, that takes immediate financial pressure off the family releasing funds that they can use to provide a warm environment for our Tamariki to thrive in.

You can help us provide these families with a little extra help.

These bundles are made from items the community donate to It Takes A Village, but the demand far outweighs the intake.

In fact, 80% of the bundle is prepared using donated items – making the It takes A Village Bundle program one of the most sustainable solutions in Canterbury.

A standard bundle contains 7-10 days’ worth of good quality, new and used clothing, bedding, books, toys, shoes, individual dinner sets, lunchbox, toiletries, nappies, potty, hairbrush / comb / hair ties, jacket and pyjamas, etc.

All the essential care items, such as nappies, wipes, shampoo, toothpaste, hairbrush and dinner sets are new – these are the 20% that are not donated.

2023 has been a tough year for our community – we have made more bundles in the first 6 months, than we made all together for 2021 and are well on the way to surpassing our 2022 total.

You can help these families.

Whilst we are loving the donations we receive from the community – such an increase in requests has taken its toll and we are finding it harder and harder to fund the 20% of new items in each bundle.

A donation of just $5 will provide 3 children with a dinner set – that’s less than a large take away coffee! $25 will provide two toddlers with a warm winter jacket. $100 Will provide nappies for 14 bundles!! Image helping 14 families just like that.

Together we can help.

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We are a Canterbury based, registered Charity. We provide free Baby and Toddler bundles to families that need a little extra help - for whatever reason.

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Holly on 04 Feb 2024
It Takes a Village Canterbury

Thank you Holly you're a star!

It Takes a Village Canterbury
Natasha on 22 Dec 2023
Polina on 06 Oct 2023
Sarah on 14 Aug 2023
I saw you are needing cot bedding. I don’t have any bedding to donate but hopefully you can use this to buy some.
It Takes a Village Canterbury

Thank you so much! This is such a generous donation, we really can't thank you enough!

It Takes a Village Canterbury
Bronwyn on 12 Aug 2023
It Takes a Village Canterbury

Thank you so much for your generosity!

It Takes a Village Canterbury

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