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KittyCat Rehoming is trying to reduce the stray cat population in the Wairarapa in a humane and maintainable manner.

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KittyCat Rehoming is a registered charity helping the stray and feral cats of the Wairarapa. Our main work is at the Masterton Hospital, where we manage a small colony of socialized cats to control the rodent population. We also work with locals in the area to help orphaned kittens, loan traps to help people catch and desex feral cats on their property, tame feral kittens and find them loving homes and provide information and support for those looking for a lost cat.

Studies have conclusively shown that for small populations of feral cats, TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) is the most effective way to reduce the population. By desexing, FIV testing and vaccinating wild cats we can keep the population stable, healthy and low while preventing an explosion of rats, mice and rabbits.

Our costs are:

To TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) FIV test and vaccinate: $140

To tame one kitten, FIV test, desex, vaccinate and rehome: approx $100

To treat one sick kitten, tame, FIV test, desex, vaccinate and rehome: $150+

To tame one adult, FIV test, desex, vaccinate and rehome: approx $500

Weekly food for the colony: $15

As you can see, the cost to tame and rehome an adult is high, and so currently we are focusing on desexing the adults and rehoming kittens.

Common questions:

- How do you know you're not abducting someone's pet?

Aside from obvious clues like microchips and collars, all animals are temperament tested to determine if they are friendly to humans and their body condition evaluated to see if they are receiving medical care and grooming. If so, we advertise for lost pets and contact the local SPCA in case the owner is looking for them. If nobody comes forwards, we desex, vaccinate, and rehome.

- Why not just humanely euthanize all of the adults?

Aside from the distress of euthanizing healthy cats, it's an ineffective way to control the stray cat population. Studies have shown that for populations under 30, TNR with kitten removal is the best way to reduce the unowned cat population(1, 2). This is because due to the rural nature of the Wairarapa, there is ample food available in the form of rabbits and rodents for wild cats. This means that even if all of the cats in one area are euthanized others will move in shortly, and the problem will begin again. Through TNR a stable, small and disease free population is maintained.

- I don't have any money to spare, how can I help?

Firstly please share the cause with family and friends through word of mouth and social media. Secondly, contact us on our Facebook page or by email at to see if you can help us through donation collection, raffle sales, transport, fundraising events or as a foster.

-I'd like to adopt a kitten or cat from you.

Send us an email at, and check out our facebook page at for cats and kittens currently looking for a home.


(1) An Evaluation of Feral Cat Management Options Using a Decision Analysis Network, K. Loyd and J. DeVore (2010), Ecology and Society.

(2) Selected Science on Community Cats, The Humane Society of The United States

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KittyCat Rehoming Wairarapa was started in January 2017 by Lee Priday with the aim of finding loving homes for stray and abandoned cats and to assist owners in difficult circumstances to rehome their cats. The charity undertakes regular fundraising activities to pay for vet bills and food and also relies on donations from the public.

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