New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust

New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust

Our aim is to stimulate, co-ordinate and support New Zealand-based research into the cause, prevention, treatment, and cure of MS.


What does the Trust do?

Collaborates with partners to fund research that helps people with MS;

Informs people about research findings;

Uses fact-based research findings to improve the lives of people with MS.

Why is the Trust needed?

A single point of focus is needed for funding MS research. In the past, research for MS has been one of only a number of research strands within organisations that deal with a wide range of neurological or other health conditions. To make a real difference to New Zealanders living with MS, MS research needs a stand-alone Trust that can initiate MS research or collaborate with research partners to fund research opportunities.

What will we do with the research?

Co-operate, collaborate and share information with other research organisations or individual researchers, within New Zealand and overseas, in the interests of advancing the research undertaken by the Trust;

Consult and share information with the MSNZ or other organisations within New Zealand representing or supporting people with MS;

Initiate, encourage and facilitate research into the application and use of clinical research outputs in establishing, supporting or maintaining practical programmes for the alleviation of the medical, psychological, physical, social, employment or other effects of MS in New Zealand;

Obtain, publish and disseminate papers, articles and other forms of information containing or reporting on research findings;

Provide research results to health professionals and their organisations with the aim of attracting, educating, and retaining high quality health professionals to work with people with MS in our hospitals and in the community;

Educate people with MS, their families, carers and members of the wider community on the outcomes of research;

Make submissions or representations to Government, health authorities or other agencies in support of legislation, regulations, funding programmes or practices designed or intended to prevent, treat, cure or alleviate the effects of MS.

Why does New Zealand need to do research?

New Zealand provides unique opportunities for MS researchers. There is so much about MS in New Zealand that is unknown. The opportunity to make life better for people with MS in our country is enormous and the need is pressing.

A strong research community underpins a strong medical and clinical workforce, and New Zealand needs to attract and retain key clinical doctors and nurses with an interest in MS.

Through its research and by strengthening international links with other MS organisations, the Trust is aiming to build a strong and respected NZ-based research capability that will make a real difference to the lives of people with MS here.

The MS Community in New Zealand strongly supports the establishment of the Trust, with MSNZ giving an initial $600,000 and the MS Auckland Region Trust giving $300,000 as founding capital for the Trust. Both organisations have indicated an intention to continue to support the Trust with additional funds as these become available.

All money raised by the trust will be professionally invested and a % of the income will be made available for approved NZ-based MS Research. The Trust is a registered charity under the Charities Act 2005 (Reg No CC51849) and donations to the Trust are eligible as deductions for tax purposes.

More about us

The New Zealand Multiple Sclerosis Research Trust was set up in May 2015 to co-ordinate New Zealand-based research into Multiple Sclerosis.

Full details about the Trust, its Trustees and Governance can be found on our website at

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