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  • Is there an event you've been involved in that you will always remember?     19 February 2021
    Posted by: Te Kiwi Māia

    We filmed Rebekah from St John and Barry from Fire and Emergency NZ back in June 2020 along with Josh (St John) and Cherie (NZ Army). We asked them all types of questions and this one was a tough one.

    We are very grateful to them for opening up to us and being so honest. Our first responders do so much to keep us safe and this goes to show they never forget.

    Thank you to all our first responders and NZDF personal for the job you do everyday!

    #NZDF #Firstresponders #NZPolice #FENZ #StJohn #WellingtonFree #CoastGuards #SurfLifeSaving #RescueHelicopter

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  • Merry Christmas     20 December 2020
    Posted by: Te Kiwi Māia
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    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    As we all start to wind down for Christmas, we just want to take a moment to say a huge thank you for your support over the past year. Whether you brought a t-shirt, shared our Facebook page, donated to us, or talked about our cause to friends and family, we are so incredibly grateful for your support.

    Even though it has been a challenging year, we were excited to achieve a big milestone by holding our first "Wellness Workshop" with our organisations’ wellness experts. We have some big plans for 2021 and will make sure we keep you updated.

    We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and take some time to rest, recharge and enjoy our amazing kiwi summer.

    A very special thank you to those who are working through the holiday period, doing an incredible job to look after us and protect us - we appreciate you all! The below quote really resonates with us, we understand the sacrifices you make and the challenges you face at this time of year.

    "This is going to be a tough week for first responders. This week we will respond to car wrecks filled with bodies and Christmas gifts, we will respond to cardiac arrests during family dinners, we will respond to suicides for the people where this isn't the happiest time of year. We will respond to drug overdoses, murders and sexual assaults......and when our shift is over we'll return to our families, act like none of it happened and try to enjoy the holiday season. Let's stick together this week everyone and be safe. " - DanSun

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  • Wellness Workshop      23 November 2020
    Posted by: Te Kiwi Māia
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    On the 9th/10th November we held our very first wellness workshop! We were very fortunate to utilise Huntly House as our stunning venue for this two day event.

    The purpose of this workshop was to bring wellness representatives together from across the various organisations in a unique opportunity to collaborate, share their knowledge/experience, find out what others are doing well and where they might be facing similar challenges.

    It was also a great opportunity for us to share our vision for Te Kiwi Māia and allow them to provide some guidance on the areas they see us being able to add the greatest value.

    This would not have been possible if it wasn't for all your kind donations. We really appreciate

    your support and help to spread the word of Te Kiwi Māia.

    Thank you to all who attended and for your outstanding contribution and making this an incredibly successful event.

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  • TKM Video - What do the public not release you go through everyday?     26 September 2020
    Posted by: Te Kiwi Māia

    Earlier this year we caught up with some amazing first responders & NZDF personnel for a Q&A session. Some of the questions were pretty tough and the answers were open, honest and raw.

    This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, so we are going to share some short video clips on the topic, featuring their stories, hearing about some of the challenges they face in their role and also finding out what techniques work well for them.

    Today's video features Barry from FENZ and Josh from St John discussing dealing with a traumatic incident.

    Thank you to the orgnisations for you support and to Barry and Josh for being apart of this. To Huntly house for sharing your beautiful home and to Fraser at 10,000 Dreams for filming.

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  • T-shirt pre-sale     8 July 2020
    Posted by: Te Kiwi Māia
    Main image

    We are just too excited to wait any longer! We have decided to take pre-sales on our awesome new TKM t-shirt.

    We reached out to the very talented artist Renee Thyne, who also happens to work full time in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. We gave her our brief and she came up with this beautiful design.

    "My idea for the design was to promote mental wellness. The helmets represent the heads of our responders and the heart not only represents the health of those personnel but the support of the person wearing the shirt.” - Renee Thyne

    Help us spread the word - tell all your family and friends! All profits go to TKM in support of our first responders and NZDF personnel.

    Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen and to our wonderful models from the RNZN.

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