NZ Riding for the Disabled (NZRDA)

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We increase ability through participation in goal-based horse-riding and horse-related activities.

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We provide life-changing horse-riding and horse-related opportunities for over 3,000 riders each year. These opportunities increase the ability, independence and self-worth of children and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges. Nearly 80 percent of our riders are between 5-18 years old.

We have three core programmes:

- Education

- Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Sport and Recreation.

We provide a crucial pathway and the complete infrastructure for riders who aspire to participate in Special Olympics and Para Equestrian. This includes: qualified coaches; facilities for training and competitions; an ongoing ‘pipeline’ of potential Special Olympic and Para Equestrian riders; and over 400 horses.

Ensuring safe equestrian participation is a highly specialised field at the best of times – and even more so, given the particular challenges our riders face. Coaches and volunteers are therefore an integral part of what we do ... we have nearly 2,000 of them and we place a very high priority on their recruitment, orientation and training to ensure we deliver high-quality, safe and effective life-changing health and well-being outcomes for all our riders.

Use of funds:

Your support provides consistent and equal access to training, advice and resources for all RDA groups, coaches and volunteers across the country – irrespective of whether the group is small or large (or in between) or urban or suburban (or rural). Your support ensures health and safety and other standards are met – and you are making a healthy, safe and positive difference to the lives of disabled children and adults (and to the lives of their families and friends).

Organisation details:

We provide high-quality training and support for each one of our 56 local RDA groups spread throughout NZ. Our vision is to provide more children and adults with life-changing horse-riding and horse-related opportunities and to enable more riders to increase their ability, independence and self-worth.

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