Puketi forest needs enviroMate100 pest control technology now!

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enviroMate100 pest control technology needs to be proven to DOC and F&B at landscape scale as an alternative to some aerial 1080 area's.


Eco-land is a company providing ground based pest control to enable forest restoration. Eco-land is testing and researching enviroMate100 automated technology as an alternative to aerial 1080. A ground based solution with no non target species death. We currently are some where between the "chicken and egg" we have no current work opportunity in DOC forests to scale up investments and prove that we (professional ground based teams) can operate at scale. We have current ability to produce and supply at scale we just await opportunity. We are confident 6 people with 400 units each can maintain pest numbers at low density each year across 20,000ha such as Puketi.

Eco-land have successfully completed a DOC performance possum control in Omahuta in 2017 summer in which confirmed the benefits and cost to deliver using enviroMate100 technology . Its however clear we will not gain further DOC funded work in our region due large aerial operations. Our local DOC will not renew cyanide consents for fur recovery in Puketi. Eco-land can process consents to enable pest control at own cost and complete pest control work in Puketi without DOC funding.

We really want to show where a person can walk there is an alternative to aerial 1080. As a family we have invested nine years to this development already with no funding support to date! It would be really great to have some help to get the enviroMate100 working in the Puketi Forest removing possums and with further permission from DOC rats also! Puketi has a total area of 17000ha so if $340,000 could be raised we could do the total area in one year

Use of funds

Aerial 1080 has a cost of $38-59 per ha, its a once in three years approach. We will offer once yearly control cost of $20 per ha over the 2500 ha with any additional funds enabling additional Puketi area to be controlled at $20.00 per ha.

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why only 14 days for the page  30 September 2018

Its either going to gain support or its not. I have identified that only those with credit cards can participate. Unfortunately this excludes many likely to help. It consumes time just to manage the page!

Hopefully we will be successful!

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Sarah on 11 Oct 2018
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for your support. Kind Regards Shane

eco-land Ltd
Guest Backer
Guest Backer on 11 Oct 2018
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for your support. Kind Regards Shane

eco-land Ltd
Jacinta on 11 Oct 2018
Doing amazing things. Wish I could give more <3
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for your support. Kind Regards Shane

eco-land Ltd
Paul M Smith
Paul M Smith on 07 Oct 2018
I hope you reach target Shane... all the best from Pahi.
eco-land Ltd

Thanks so much for your support Paul, have a nice day in Pahi, happy to help with your community pest control project!

eco-land Ltd
Tui Maxwell
Tui Maxwell on 07 Oct 2018
Good luck!
eco-land Ltd

Thanks for your support, please spread the word. Have a nice week! Shane

eco-land Ltd

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