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After traveling to Yosemite, USA, Anna had a huge fall while Lead Climbing on a runout slab, she was not free climbing (see article link below). Anna broke nearly every bone in her body including her neck, spine, pelvis, ribs, and feet. Her left foot is beyond repair and so has been amputated. Anna's head is completely fine and she remained conscious throughout. This is nothing short of a miracle. You can find out more about her climb at:

It will be a long journey to recovery but if anyone can do it, Anna can. She is a strong, determined 21yr old with lots of willpower to move forward.

Money is something we don't like to stress about but Anna's medical bills exceed $1 million. Her travel insurance only covers a part of the costs of her surgeries and hospital care so we need to fundraise for the rest!

Thank you so much for being here and caring for Anna!! We know Anna will go on to do amazing things in her future!!

Anna was rescued and cared for by some outrageous and courageous people. Anna would like to say a huge thank you to the SARS team who got her off the wall. She has been overwhelmed by the love and messages and support she has received from everyone.

We know the journey ahead is going to be long

Jessica Ennor's involvement (page creator)

Anna is my beautiful little sister :-)

Use of funds

Your money will be spent on bringing Anna home and medial costs in the USA until she can return home

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Hello again from Anna,  22 January 2023

The medical bills are trickling in so I thought I would let you know the hopeful news. Currently standing, if I get the grant from Memorial Medical Center than this Give A Little, YOU GUYS, should pay for the medical bills I have incurred.

I am again incredibly moved by the generous support of you all. Whether you are friends, family, or those who have been moved by the accident and Jack and I’s story I thank you. It has been humbling to listen to how people have come to hear of the moment of my accident and what happened. I am sorry to have put you all through this ringer of emotion. Be well in knowing I am getting back to it and still myself! Kayaking with some superb friends has allowed me to be in these places I love once again. To be in the mountains in Fiordland or sea caves in Otago. I have been tentatively getting back on the bike for some gravel rides and swimming my way through summer.

Thank you for your belief in me. I am indebted to not be in DEBT. I did not realise this was weighing on me till my mum told me of the discounts given to me by the surgeons and some of my insurance pulling through. Instant relief was hearing I wouldn’t have some legal matters or bill left in America to never return …

Next steps are hopefully on the rock and in the underwater world as I have realised my greatest passion lying within the realms of my degree in Marine Science and Ecology, in the Great Outdoors.

Thanks again!

I’ll update once more before we pull the give a little and likely start a website for updates, missions in the hills, and conservation.

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