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Donations to “Bibles for Africa” enables us to go to the local Bible Societies and buy Bibles from them. Please help.


To get churches active again we encourage community daily Bible Reading fellowships where people disciple one another through reading God’s word. Church leaders become responsible to help every member near to them to be involved in a personal or group daily Bible Reading and then in a weekly home-based Bible Reading Fellowship to share with one another what they are hearing from God. There are too few Bibles for everyone to have one - our first goal is that each group has at least one. With so many coming to the Lord the need is great. New house groups are often born in the house of a new believer so he/she can invite friends and neighbours most of whom are Bible-less but potential Christians. We continually need thousands of Bibles in local languages to give to meet this hunger.

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Harvest Partnership Trust is a registered charity under NZ law and a member of Missions Interlink New Zealand. We are a service mission focusing on East Africa from the Coast to the Great Lakes. See our mission statement at

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Donations to “Bibles for Africa” enables us to go to the local Bible Societies and buy Bibles from them. Please help.

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Bibles for Africa Update  11 October 2019

As well as food hunger for the body many places are hungry for food for the soul. The Bible is still the worlds most published book with food for the soul.

In East Congo, in many areas there are constant attacks by oppressive groups of rebels from the genocide era when whole villages were burnt down. People had lost everything and life is a great struggle. There is no Bible Society in East Congo – only recently has the Burundi Bible Society had Congo Swahili Bibles. At one seminar only 3 of the 17 pastors / leaders owned a Bible. With many churches being planted we are dedicated to ensure that every house church has at least one Congo Swahili Bible. House churches, like our home groups, are established by the main Sunday Congregation but with responsibilities for local evangelism, “doing good” and discipleship leading to planting of more churches in their neighbourhood and beyond.

In God’s goodness we will reach the level where every Christian can have a Bible! Every hungry Christian needs one. 1000 to 5000 Congo Swahili Bibles become available from time to time. When churches call for Bibles then we need to obtain them. They cost around NZ$15 each. Our waiting list is for more than 4000!

The Bible Society usually prints local language Bibles in Asia. We need to buy them from them in each country including Burundi and Rwanda. In Kenya and Uganda a Bible is a required secondary school text book – but in English. The old folks at home need a local language one – one out of at least 20 languages is required!

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