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Let's help a sister out. Help a visitor get abortion care!

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Abortion is time-sensitive health care. But visitors who fall pregnant have to either pay $$$ to go private or jump on a plane to go home.

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Abortion is time-sensitive health care. But visitors to New Zealand who fall pregnant have to either pay to go private or jump on a plane to go home (which can be expensive, impractical, or both).

Our Facebook page, Abort the Stigma, received this story from a visitor to New Zealand:

"I'm 27, travelling and working in NZ on a working holiday visa. I have family who has lived in Christchurch for 40 years and my brother and his wife have emigrated here 3 years ago. I am a British citizen. I unfortunately got myself into a relationship with a Kiwi guy who was very controlling and I unfortunately fell pregnant while on the contraceptive pill.

I understand that I am not a NZ citizen and I have to pay full fees but I simply cannot afford the $2000 dollars. For two types pills, that is ridiculous. I have worked for minimum wage on a vineyard for two months so I can receive my second year visa and I still can not afford it.

I paid the fee to go to the doctor and she laughed in my face and made me feel like dirt.

I read that British citizens have the right to maternity services in NZ.

I have no choice but to buy the pills online. I am looking for a website to buy them and will be ordering asap. This petrifies me but I do not have a choice."

ALRANZ is helping this visitor raise the money to get the healthcare they need.

UPDATE: We are so proud to be Kiwis! Your generosity has allowed this campaign to exceed our funding goal! Whatever money is left over from our visitor's medical and travel expenses (she is traveling to a lower-cost provider) will be put toward our campaign to show appreciation to abortion providers by giving them treats like flowers and candy. Thank you SO MUCH!!

About us

We believe women are people, with the intrinsic human right to decide what happens to their own bodies. We believe the state has no business coercing anyone to become a parent without that person's consent. We believe New Zealand law must be changed to reflect these principles.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to cover abortion care for this visitor, including the procedure, and the scans and blood tests required. This may include travel to a more affordable service.

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Our UK visitor is doing fine!  1 April 2019

Posted by: ALRANZ

Our visitor has received the abortion care she wanted. She is doing fine, recovering well, and feeling good.

Thanks so much to all the generous Kiwis and others who contributed to a happy outcome. You are all heroes.


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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Mar 2019
Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward on 15 Mar 2019
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Mar 2019
No woman should have to face giving birth to a child they don’t want, nor feel they have to put their lives at risk with dodgy online pills. Thanks for the work you do.
Penny on 14 Mar 2019
Why NZ abortion law and health reform must happen. No woman should face costs like this for basic healthcare.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 14 Mar 2019
I’m sorry our archaic women’s health system has put you in this difficult position. Please do not feel ashamed to ask for help, more women go through this than you would think. Talk to us around you. Arohanui x

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