Haley’s fight with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer

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Haley has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. They need our help to buy her more time and make beautiful memories with her loved ones

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Update 8 August 21 (full update in the update section below)

Sadly this week Haley got the devastating news that the Cancer has spread.

She now has the diagnosis as

Grade 3 Stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to both lungs and liver.

Sadly the cancer in NOT Cureable and treatments are now to stop the spread any further and give Haley more time with her family and loved ones.


This is our dear friend Haley. 2 weeks ago at the young age of 35, she was given a diagnosis that will drastically alter life’s course for her, her husband and her 3 small children (Lauren 7, Rhys 3, Millie 1).

Grade 3 Invasive Breast Carcinoma NST with further tests pending (full body MRI, CT scan, and possibly PET scan). These tests will assess for staging and determine if the cancer has spread anywhere else. Haley will begin chemotherapy (for 3 to 6 months or longer depending on her body's response), have multiple surgeries (mastectomy and breast reconstruction), and radiation therapy.

It all started just 3 weeks back when Haley and Rhys were rough housing and Rhys accidentally kicked her breast. It hurt more than it should've and that's when she realized a lump. An urgent doctors appointment, followed by a priority one urgent mammogram, ultrasound and immediate biopsies led unfortunately to confirmed breast cancer spreading to tissue and lymph nodes.

We know Haley is strong, determined and a wee bit crazy. After all, 7 years ago she completed her Master's Degree in nursing while 9 months pregnant and working full time night shifts in an emergency room; and managed to arrange for the family to immigrate to New Zealand from America. She's dedicated to her career as nurse and loves sport so of course that didn't stop her from training and competing in a triathlon 8 months pregnant with her second child again while studying and qualifying for a post-masters degree in Nurse Prescribing.

This February was the start of an unfortunate downward health spiral. One day after competing in another triathlon 11 months post partum from her 3rd baby she was diagnosed with diverticulitis which lead to multiple other complications including mastitis, and PV bleeding with hospitalization. Haley didn't let any of this slow her down until this latest diagnosis.

Haley works passionately as a Nurse Prescriber caring for others with chronic and acute health needs. She is also an amazing and devoted Wife, Mother and Friend. She always puts everyone else first and is the first one to offer help when we all need it and now she needs our help. She’s young, fit, healthy and the last person we thought would ever be faced with this disease. Haley never is without a smile or her infectious laugh and lives for her family, friends and job.

Forced to stop work to undergo treatment and with no family here in New Zealand and a young family to care for they need help to ensure Haley can focus on fighting this disease.

She is the light in so many lives each day and we want to do all we can to make this journey as painless as possible so that we can all have Haley here and healthy for years to come.

Funds received will allow Haley to remain off work whilst fighting this disease, for her husband to take time to care for her and their children, cover their living and medical expenses, alternative therapies and to be able to fly her mum out to New Zealand to enable support and help during the tough times ahead.

Shannon Hartley's involvement (page creator)

Haley and her family are dear friends of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to receive their care and support so want to support them on their journey to kicking this cancer to the curb.

Use of funds

Living expenses whilst Haley and her husband can’t work, medical expenses (outside of covered treatment) and alternative therapies, childcare/home help and assisting in getting Haley’s Mum to NZ to support her and the family during this time.

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Latest update

News articles  24 June 2022

Hi team

Over the past couple of weeks Haley has been working with a reporter from a local newspaper and it’s been published now.

It’s important to Haley that the message gets out there of the importance of self breast examination, asking questions of your medical team and investigating alternative treatment options, so she has shared her story in the hope it may help others.

You can read the article here:


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Keep smiling Hayley, your an inspiration 💜
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