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Help my mum walk the dog with us! She is Mighty Strong living with MS.

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I want my mum to come walking with us again.

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My name is Sienna and I am 13yrs old. With my dad Andrew's help I have set up this page.

My wonderful mother is currently living with a difficult multiple sclerosis. It was diagnosed in 2002 before she met my dad or I was born. There is currently no treatment available for this horrific disease which slowly, over time just takes away mum's freedom.

I have set up this page (with my dad's help) to help my parents to gain the funds needed to purchase an Omeo mobility chair, which is a Segway style chair that will allow my mum to come and walk the dog with me and dad. This will help her spend family time with myself and dad because now she has to stay at home or wait in the car when we go bike riding, tramping or even supermarket shopping.

Anyone who knows my mum Lisa, knows her as an inspiring person who always takes everything life throws at her and makes the best of it. She often says “It’s a great day today because I’m awake and here and I have you” and my mum lives everyday with a positive attitude.

She loves her family and used to be an active traveller and enjoyed adventure. From running 1/2 marathons, scuba diving in Thailand, snowboarding and hang gliding off Coronet Peak, this disease has really slowed her down. I believe that this Omeo (Segway chair) will allow her so much more freedom to explore the outdoors with us and just be independent again.

The biggest thing for my mum is to be able to come with me and dad to walk the dog. It’s been 6 years since she could do that.

My mum is fiercely independent and doesn’t like to ask for help but she knows that without your help this chair is not funded. My parents put all they have into me and now I want to have a go at giving back and thanking them for supporting me.

Lisa helps people change their lives through hypnotherapy and now you have a chance to help my amazing kind generous mum to grab hold of life again.

If ever you thought it was too hard to go for a walk, just imagine how happily my mum would trade her legs for yours.

Every dollar will help towards the purchase of this NZ made device (support local) which will support my mum’s journey with this annoying disease.

Your messages, a single dollar to much more will all be appreciated to create this little bit of freedom so I can have my mum share adventures with us again.

Sienna and Andrew Wheeler's involvement (page creator)

I am her 13yr old daughter and I want to help my mum. My dad helped me set this up as I am too young.

Use of funds

To fund an Omeo chair and associated costs (car hoist, gst, spare battery). Goal $42,000

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True Friends  7 June 2021

Posted by: Sienna and Andrew Wheeler

Shane, a friend of mum and dad's in Chch, set up a page called "Walking for Wheels". This is funny because they call my dad wheels- his last name is Wheeler- but also we are getting mum new wheels. Shane walked for 24 hours in Rolleston this weekend. All the donations he got came to our page. Thanks so much Shane.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor 4 days ago
Lisa Wheeler

Thank you for your help is creating freedom of movement from this life sucking disease. Very soon we will be adventuring as a family once again. Enjoy the day!

Lisa Wheeler
Laura 5 days ago
Lisa Wheeler

Thank you for your support. A flood begins with one drop and we appreciate every donation. I leave you with this: “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has been before.’ – Albert Einstein. Enjoy your day!

Lisa Wheeler
Rami 5 days ago    Walking for Wheels
Everyone needs a mate like you Shane.
Shane Potter

Thankyou so much for your support

Shane Potter
Lisa Wheeler

I agree- everyone needs a Shane in their life. We appreciate all you did. Have a great day!

Lisa Wheeler
The Pedal Pusher
The Pedal Pusher 5 days ago    Walking for Wheels
Wish we could have helped more.
Shane Potter

This has been really humbling, the support you and the Staff at The Pedal Pusher has been unbelievable, thank you so much

Shane Potter
Lisa Wheeler

Thank you for helping us. We look forward to visiting next time we are in the area. Reagan said “Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look.” Your support for Shane is awesome and we just had to look to find a true hero.

Lisa Wheeler
Dorothy and Cheryl
Dorothy and Cheryl 7 days ago    Walking for Wheels
Well done Shane from your sister's work mates.
Shane Potter

Thank you so much for your support

Shane Potter
Lisa Wheeler

We also very much appreciate your donation. This will change our daily lives. Thank you.

Lisa Wheeler

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