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KAASO Covid Relief

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Given by 26 generous donors in 12 weeks

Help us to cover staff salaries at KAASO during this difficult Covid period so that we can keep supporting students in desperate need.

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KAASO has suffered hugely during Covid, with the school closed by government mandate from March - October 2020. In October, only the final year Primary Seven students were allowed to resume classes and throughout 2021, other classes have slowly been able to return.

While it's wonderful to have the children back at school, the major challenge KAASO now faces is that strict Covid safety measures have meant the school is now suffering under a heavy burden of additional costs. Where one teacher used to take a class, two or three teachers are now required for the same number of students due to stringent social distancing measures. Dormitories that used to house double decker bunks are now required to have single beds only, spaced 2 metres apart, creating a severe lack of dormitory space - and a need for more matrons. Hand washing stations have had to be erected around the school as well as temperature guns purchased for daily temperature checks and a constant stream of disinfectant is needed to comply with the twice-daily sterilising that must take place in each classroom.

To make matters worse, many of the fee-paying students at KAASO are no longer able to afford to pay school fees (or partial fees) and so while outgoings have increased, incoming funds have decreased.

All of this means that the impressive juggling act KAASO once ran which enabled the fee paying students to cover those unable to afford school fees is becoming unsustainable and the school is struggling to make ends meet. We are asking for donations to our urgent Covid relief fund to help cover the cost in the short term of teacher salaries and wages for non-teaching staff during this difficult time.

Emma Outteridge's involvement (page creator)

I am the volunteer coordinator at KAASO and have been visiting KAASO regularly since 2009 when I first volunteered at the school for six months. I coordinate fundraising efforts for KAASO around the world.

Use of funds

The funds donated will go directly into covering the costs of teacher salaries and wages for non-teaching staff at KAASO (matrons, cooks, gardeners and administration staff). This is a short-term relief fund until Covid restrictions begin to ease.

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KAASO Covid Update  19 June 2021

Posted by: Emma Outteridge

Thank you so much to all of our generous donors. We are so grateful for your kind support, it means so much and is really helpful at this very difficult time.

Unfortuantely, Uganda is once again in a full nation-wide lockdown and, as of last night, the President has tightened restrictions even further. KAASO and all schools across Uganda are once again closed, making it even harder than ever before for KAASO to pay the teachers with no funds coming in. Teachers themselves are also struggling as they need to feed themselves and their families and many teachers have requested to remain at KAASO, as during the last lockdown they struggled to find food.

The need is greater than ever and we are so thankful for your support. Please help us to share this fundraiser far and wide to help keep KAASO afloat.

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Latest donations

Patrick on 27 Jul 2021
Thank you for putting this together Emma and continuing to support KAASO. Thank you Dominic and Rose for staying strong during this time.
Emma Outteridge

Thanks so much for for your support Patrick! We're really grateful for your kind donation - the KAASO family hopes you can come back one day!

Emma Outteridge
Verity on 20 Jul 2021
Loved sharing your book Emma, between two worlds. Visited our sponsored child in Uganda about eleven years ago and saw the very real need, first hand. Amazing work Rose and Dominic are doing, what a lot of love they share. Best of luck with the fundraising.
Emma Outteridge

Thank you so much Verity for your kind words. I'm so glad you enjoyed my book and amazing to have visited your sponsored child in Uganda. Thanks again for your support and generosity.

Emma Outteridge
Deirdre on 17 Jul 2021
I know the kids will benefit from every dollar received.
Emma Outteridge

Thank you so much Deirdre for your kind donation. We will be sure to put it to good use!

Emma Outteridge
John on 28 Jun 2021
Dominic, I am sorry that you are going through such a tough economic time. Debbie and I hope that our donation will help a little. John and Debbie
Emma Outteridge

Hi John and Debbie, thank you so much for your kind words and your very generous donation. The KAASO family is so grateful. I will pass on your message to Dominic and Rose. Thanks again, Emma

Emma Outteridge
Lorraine on 24 Jun 2021
All the best from Lake Macquarie Australia
Emma Outteridge

Thank you so much for your generous donation, Lorraine! It will be a huge help xx

Emma Outteridge

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