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Rescued Pound Dog - now diagnosed with very rare condition - Prototheca

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Please help give a rescued pound dog a chance at maintaining the happy, healthy life he deserves after so many years of neglect.


"Saving One Animal Won’t Change the World But It Will Change The World For That One Animal"

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In October 2014 I spotted Buddy at a local pound, he was in terrible condition, yet his temperament was so gentle and loving. He looked about 15 years old, but is only approximately 8-9 years old. Once his 7 days were up at the pound, I adopted him, and gave him the good food, warm cosy bed, vet care and TLC he so desperately needed. His brilliant nature shone through. He quickly gained weight. I had him neutered and 3 painful rotten/broken canines were removed. He had many scars over his body. He also had large lumps on his nose, paws, elbows and rear. Initial Vet tests showed no cause for concern and they were cancer free.

Buddy soon recovered and was enjoying a wonderful life that he always had deserved! He felt so much better and got a real playful bounce in his step. Buddy became a wonderful role model for other rescued puppies and dogs being fostered in the home. He is a big tolerant softy, very gentle, placid and loving and a huge part of my life.

Unfortunately, the lumps on his paws and elbows have since become larger and some with open wounds, and lacerations appeared on his pads.

Biopsy's and test results have just diagnosed Buddy as having a very rare disease caused by an algae called Prototheca. He is the ONLY DOG in NZ to have been diagnosed with this. Sadly there is no cure. This condition is more commonly found in cattle that are kept in long term filthy, muddy conditions with open wounds. We do not know Buddy's history, but it was definitely very neglectful.

I am heart broken. BUT there is a drug which can manage the condition and keep his quality of life at a very good level...... until the disease takes hold any further - such as breathing or neurological problems. Buddy deserves a chance at continued comfort and happiness!

Treatment costs: The Vet (Oamaru Veterinary Services) advised on-going long term treatment for Buddy. The medication costs $148 for 10 days, which is way out of my league. I would continue this treatment whilst closely monitoring Buddy's quality of life. He is currently a very happy boy with hopefully many many months of joy ahead!

Please check out Buddy's photos in the gallery. The first 2 are the photos the pound took, the next 4 are a week later at home, and the remaining are of his new life..... The photos are better viewed at Buddy's new facebook page. Many thanks, Charlie and Buddy.

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My passion is rescue and re-homing of abandoned animals. Especially pound dogs - and the ones that are least likely to be adopted. Buddy caught my eye at a local pound, he was in such poor condition - I had to help him.

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Near the end of the Givealittle  19 August 2015

I am just thrilled with the generous donations.... and how happy and energetic Buddy is! It will soon be the end of the Givealittle page, so will do a bit of a promotion. I want to have Buddy for as long as possible. Would be fabulous to still have him in good health in October - 1 year adoption anniversary!

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 25 Aug 2015
So pleased that Buddy is doing so well. What a beautiful and amazing dog he is! xxx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 Aug 2015
Pound Paws Rescue

Thank you so much for your kindness, much appreciated! :-)

Pound Paws Rescue
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Jul 2015
Pound Paws Rescue

Thank you so much for thinking of Buddy, much appreciated.

Pound Paws Rescue
Kim Hancock
Kim Hancock on 17 Jul 2015
To my beautiful friend. Keep up the great work you're doing for Buddy. Hoping he is feeling much better real soon. x
Pound Paws Rescue

Awww thank you so much, that is so kind of you xxx

Pound Paws Rescue
Carrie-Leigh Luckings
Carrie-Leigh Luckings on 15 Jul 2015
Pound Paws Rescue

Thank you so much for thinking of Buddy!

Pound Paws Rescue

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