Got a great idea to make a difference? Keen to step up to raise funds for a favourite cause, charity or school? You’re in the right place! Any individual with a New Zealand bank account can fundraise on Givealittle.

  1. Help out a mate in need.

    Create a cause page and rally the troops to help out a friend in need. You can raise funds to support medical treatment, visit family, replace lost items or to make a wish come true.

  2. Get a great idea off the ground.

    Fundraise to launch that project you've been working on. It might be a school vege garden, recording an album or purchasing equipment.

  3. Secure that great opportunity.

    Chasing dreams can be easier with a little support. Create a cause page to fundraise for participation in competitions or take up study offers.

  4. Step up for a challenge.

    Take on a personal challenge and fundraise for a fave charity, cause or school. You can even recruit friends and colleagues to join you with a team page.

Want to learn about donating? Check out the donors section.
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