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Running For Mental Health

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$3,500 donated
Given by 63 generous donors in around 12 months

Running 5km every day in 2020 to raise funds for Mental Health NZ

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  Hawke's Bay

Hi there,

My name is Jean-Fabien, I live in Napier, New Zealand, but originally from France.

Throughout my life, I came across people suffering from various mental health issues - depression being probably the most common one around. These issues are so widespread that we can all think of someone we know with at least one of these conditions. They are also hard to talk about, and take years to recover from.

Beside being a good friend with an attentive ear, or a reliable relative one can count on, there's not much I can do. Organisations like Mental Health NZ have the network and knowledge to help reach further that I can do, and need money to do so, which is why we need you!

I have been wanting to run a fundraising event for a long time. I am not the fittest man on earth for sure, so running 5km every day in 2020 is a big deal for me.

You can follow my progress on Twitter at, where I post daily updates showing distance run, completion time, and sweaty selfies.

Your donation will help me go the extra mile so I can complete the 1830 km over the year. That's the equivalent of running from Whangarei to Invercargill.

Please consider donating to Mental Health NZ through this givealittle page. Thank you!

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Mental health issues affect a lot of us. Family members, close friends; we're all better off with a clear head, so I'll run for that.

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Wrap up  4 January 2021

Posted by: Jean-Fabien Barrois

As 2020 came to an end, so did the fundraiser and the runs.

Overall, $3500 got raised over last year. Once again, thanks to everyone who donated, or cooked, or ran, or supported in any way. The energy that got put into that fundraiser is amazing!

The final day was a great success, with about 40 people who came to run with me around Napier. I was quite pleased that I bought the exact number of sausages to feed everybody!

The total distance is 1872 km. I am now taking a bit of a rest, but I haven't broken the 5km streak yet, as I'm walking the distance since the beginning of the year.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 31 Dec 2020
Jean-Fabien Barrois

Thank you so much for rounding up the tally mysterious donor!

Jean-Fabien Barrois
Simon on 31 Dec 2020
Well done Jean-Fabien, it's great to see you make it to the end. Well done
Jean-Fabien Barrois

Thank you so much Simon for your donation and for your support on Strava over the year! Cheers to better Mental Health in NZ and Happy New Year to you!

Jean-Fabien Barrois
Cam on 31 Dec 2020
Congratulations Jean, what a great accomplishment. Take the day off tomorrow!
Jean-Fabien Barrois

Thank you so much Cam for your donations this year! You've been awesome and I'm so grateful for your generosity. About tomorrow, well I'll do the parkrun thing because these people are really nice, so no rest until Sunday I guess! Happy New Year!

Jean-Fabien Barrois
Ryan CrawCour
Ryan CrawCour on 31 Dec 2020
Jean-Fabien Barrois

You did it again! Thank you so much for your support over the year Ryan. You've been a building block for that fundraiser! Happy New Year!

Jean-Fabien Barrois
All the awesome people who came to the bbq
All the awesome people who came to the bbq on 31 Dec 2020
Money raised through today's finale run and barbecue. Thanks to all who came today - it was awesome!

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