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Our message is 'The Earlier the Better' - Early Intervention: the first 24 months are crucial to your child's learning and development.

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Conductive Education (Waikato) is an independent early intervention service providing a specialised approach to learning for children who suffer a neurological injury resulting in problems with movement, co-ordination or balance.

Although often associated with habilitation and rehabilitation for children with Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida, as an Early Intervention service we provide programmes to assist children presenting with a range of developmental delays.

We advocate for intervention as early as possible to enhance opportunities for learning and to support the well being of families.

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Conductive Education Waikato Trust was formed in November 1991 by a group of families who sought additional support for their children. The children were diagnosed with a range of physical disabilities, and sometimes additional cognitive/sensory impairments, due to neurological injury occuring before, during or after birth. This inhibited the children's engagement in day to day activities, including family life and learning.

The families learnt of an approach that taught children new skills (habilitation) toward achieving levels of independence. Following a visit to the Peto Institute in Hungary, Conductive Education was brought to New Zealand.

Conductive Education programmes continue to be provided for children in the Waikato region under this Charitable Trust, and parents continue to govern and advocate for other families and children to achieve provision of a high quality early intervention service.

Your donation will help our service to extend our support for children as early as possible and fund additional equipment for use in our centre and in the family home.

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